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Redfall: Best Character for Your Playstyle Guide

Which character should you pick in Redfall? It depends on your playstyle.

In Redfall, you’ve got your pick of four vampire hunters with which to take on the bloodsuckers who’ve taken over the titular town. Each one’s got some strengths and weaknesses, but if you’re wondering which one’s right for you, here are some thoughts on the topic. Let’s talk about which character’s the best one to pick in Redfall.

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While two more characters are reportedly coming as DLC later on, you’ve got 4 picks off the hop in Redfall: Jacob the sniper, Layla the telekinetic, Dev the inventor, and Remi the engineer.

Mechanically, at level one, all four characters are the same aside from vocal clips. All four can equip any weapon in the game, have the same starting health, and move at the same speed. The primary differences between the four only start to kick in once they’ve got a few levels under their belt.

By level six, each character in Redfall has unlocked both their standard active abilities and their ultimate. You can also invest skill points in refining those abilities, or in picking the four unique passives that each character brings to the table.

I touched upon this in my review, but Redfall’s characters are all designed as parts of a whole. They all have unique passives that buff nearby allies, and all of them have particular areas of specialization. They don’t necessarily work well alone, even in what Redfall laughingly calls a single-player mode. There is no playable character in Redfall that is consistently better at soloing than the others, particularly at levels 1 through 20.

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Jacob Abilities and Draws

Jacob has passive abilities that focus on dealing more damage to humans, and with headshots; he can carry more lockpicks and Rewire Kits than the other characters. Jacob’s active skills let him mark targets at a distance with his ghost bird and turn invisible for short periods, while his ultimate materializes a high-powered, unsuppressed sniper rifle into his hands.

You should pick Jacob if you prefer a stealthy or ranged approach to confrontations. Cloak lets him opt out of any conflict that’s going against him, and his high inventory on hacking tools makes Jacob good at finding unconventional entry points.

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Layla Abilities and Draws

Layla can take talents that raise her and her allies’ damage resistance against fire, electricity, and Death Mist, and her College Diet passive gives her extra health restore from food and drinks. Her signature skill is Lift, which conjures a short-lived elevator as a bounce pad, letting the team reach distant rooftops. She can also deflect enemies’ gunfire with Umbrella, which fires a force blast ahead of her when it ends.

Layla’s ultimate, Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, conjures her ex Jason to attack random targets around her for a short period of time, which is arguably the best direct-damage Ultimate in the game.

You should pick Layla if you like to explore, as Lift takes a lot of the searching and guesswork out of climbing across Redfall’s rooftops, especially with the upgrade that lets Layla deploy 2 at once. She’s a slam pick in any group, particularly when you’ve got a Jacob looking for positions to snipe from.

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Devinder Abilities and Draws

Devinder is the goofiest character, which is a little weird, since he’s also the best vampire hunter on the team. His passives give him bonus damage against vampires and enemies who’ve only just noticed him. Devinder with a stake launcher can end a lot of vampire fights before they start, even against special enemies like Siphons.

With Arc Javelin and Blacklight, Dev’s got a lot of tools to inflict area-of-effect damage and stuns. He can also toss out a homemade teleporter with Translocate, which creates a short-lived but surprisingly long-ranged two-way teleport device.

You should pick Devinder as a force multiplier in groups, or to give yourself a leg up against many of the toughest fights in Redfall. He doesn’t have any useful defensive or evasion skills if Translocate isn’t up and pre-placed, but in boss fights or as part of a crew, Dev shines.

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Remi Abilities and Draws

Finally, Remi comes as a team with her drone buddy, Bribon. Her skills let her throw out increasingly destructive C4 charges or turn Bribon into a giant, flashing distraction, while her ultimate conjures a circular field that rapidly restores lost health to any ally in the area.

Remi’s passives include the ability to carry three more Medical Supplies than anyone else and an aura that gives the team bonus damage against human opponents.

You should pick Remi if you like to play a support role or if you’ll be playing Redfall solo. Bribon auto-targets enemies in range and fires single low-damage shots, but he’s really good at seeing opponents you don’t and will often draw aggro for you, even without Siren. He doesn’t have a lot of health, but any hit he takes is one that Remi doesn’t. It’s particularly funny if Bribon gets the opener on Siphons, which will still try to drain his blood.

There’s actually nothing to keep you from putting Bribon into Siren mode, waiting until he’s pulled in a big crowd of vampires, then sticking a C4 charge to him and setting it off. Remi can still die quickly if cornered, however, and has no escape options besides leaving Bribon in Siren Mode to die.

That’s a quick rundown of the characters in Redfall, to help you choose one to specialize in. For more Redfall tips and tricks, check out our dedicated games hub.

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