Redfall: How to Clear the Red Mist

Here's how to clear out the Red Mist and save yourself some trouble in Redfall.

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The vampires were worried you were getting bored with everyday life in post-Black Sun Redfall, so they’ve gone ahead and flooded parts of town with a corrosive red mist. Touch it, and you’ll start taking tremendous amounts of damage. Here’s how to get rid of the Death Mist in Redfall.

You only get the official name for the red mist in Redfall if you sufficiently annoy a human cultist. Many of them will toss vials of Death Mist at you like they’re grenades, which create short-lived clouds of it around their point of impact.

Certain vampires will also explode into temporary clouds of Death Mist once they’re staked. This is typically reserved for “elite” vampires in nests, or a couple of the Underbosses.

If your character touches Death Mist, you have a couple of seconds of flex time to get back out before the damage kicks in. If you stay in it, you take a solid chunk of damage every second until you either leave or die.

There are a couple of ways to get damage reduction against Death Mist, like two of Layla’s unique skills or a passive that can show up on Vampiric Blood items, but there’s nothing in Redfall that makes you wholly immune to the mist.

The Best Disinfectant: How to Disperse Redfall’s Death Mist

If you want to clear out some Death Mist, you have to target its generators. If you look around in some of the big clouds of Mist you can find out in the world, most (but not all) of them are being generated by a immobile Bloodbag that’s standing somewhere nearby.

That Bloodbag might be hidden or hard to reach, but if you run into a permanent cloud of Death Mist, there’s typically a Bloodbag somewhere inside it.

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As you’ll learn during an early mission, these immobile Bloodbags are immune to standard gunfire. Luckily they’re vulnerable to UV light, like the spotlights that Bellwether operatives set up around their fortified locations.

That makes it worthwhile to keep a UV Emitter on you throughout the game. If you don’t find one as a weapon drop early on, it’s worth the supplies to go to Anna Grossman’s Armory in the Fire Station and refresh its inventory until she’s got a UV Emitter for sale. Even a low-quality Emitter will do the trick until you find something better, but be sure not to salvage it before you’ve got a replacement.

It takes roughly 10 charges from a UV Emitter’s beam to temporarily petrify a Bloodbag. You’ll be able to tell if it’s working if you can hear the Bloodbag screaming. This instantly clears the Death Mist around it, and lets you shatter it with a single melee attack or a couple of shots. You’ll get some Psychic Essence since this counts as a vampire kill, but doesn’t raise the risk of a Rook Storm like a normal Bloodbag kill.

Killing a Mist-generator Bloodbag does not unlock the You Clean It Up achievement. You can get it, however, by using a UV Emitter to freeze and shatter a “normal” Bloodbag.

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While nothing in Redfall tells you this right away, if you hold the iron sights button (right-click by default on PC) with a UV Emitter equipped, you’ll focus the Emitter’s light beam. This lowers its area of effect but dramatically increases its range, which lets you petrify Bloodbags from about 20-30 meters away. It’s a real game-changer as you continue to explore Redfall.

I have spotted a couple of banks of Death Mist here and there in Redfall that don’t appear to have an associated Bloodbag. While it’s possible the Bloodbag was just out of sight or on the other side of a wall, it’s also likely that these were simply there as local obstacles. In those cases, you just have to work around them.

That’s how to clear the red mist in Redfall. For more tips on surviving the vampires, check out our dedicated game hub.

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