Remnant 2: All Card Jester Puzzle Rewards

Get all the items from the Card Jester in Remnant 2.

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The Card Jester puzzle in Remnant 2 puzzle takes place in Losomn’s Malefic Palace. The NPC will try to trick you with its blindingly fast moves, so you need to concentrate to get what you need. However, there are also a few secrets that you can discover. Our guide discusses the different rewards that you can obtain from this puzzle and event.

How to Get All Card Jester Puzzle Rewards in Remnant 2

The Card Jester puzzle rewards come from the following: Mask, Joker, and Devil. You have to look at the drawing/illustration closely, and follow its card as it moves around the pile. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Mask Card — Faerin Mural Piece (required to reach the boss area).
  • Joker Card — One-Eyed Joker Amulet.
  • Devil Card — Oathkeeper aberration and Misfortune mutator.
  • Sad Face Cards — No reward; you’ll just battle several Seraph mobs.

Card Jester Location and Puzzle Mechanics

You can only encounter the Card Jester as part of the Faerin / Faelin main quest in Losomn. That means you need to start in the Beatific Palace. In the cellars, you’ll encounter its “light” counterpart, who might give you the Jester’s Bell amulet. As you advance further, you’ll meet the Card Jester in the Malefic Palace. There, he’ll show a deck of five cards. He’ll shuffle them around and create magic doors with them.

To solve the Remnant 2 Card Jester puzzle, you have to enter the door created by the Mask Card, as this nets you the Faerin Mural Piece. But, be forewarned that entering the Mask Card (i.e., correct door) also ends the event prematurely. You’ll have no choice but to reroll an Adventure Mode run, if need be. I suggest getting the other goodies first from the other unique cards before entering the correct door.

Joker Card and One-Eyed Joker Amulet

The Joker Card has a drawing of a clown that’s smiling. If it doesn’t show up in the deck, you can keep retrying (i.e., enter the Sad Face doors and defeat the enemies there). If you do see the Joker Card and manage to track its movement, enter the room and pick up the One-Eyed Joker amulet from the chest. It has the following effect:

  • Neutral Backdash creates a Magic Card lasting one second. If it absorbs damage, gain 25% crit chance for five seconds. Your Neutral Backlash also costs 30% more stamina.

Personally, I found this amulet a bit too gimmicky. The effect isn’t really something that benefited me in the long run, and there are better options.

Devil Card and Misfortune Mutator

The Devil Card also yields another Card Jester puzzle reward. This card is the only one that has horns. If you enter the door that it creates, you can open the chest to find nothing inside. I was a bit confused at first, until I realized that an aberration called Firth the Oathkeeper spawned. This foe also summons other Seraph minions, so watch out.

For your efforts, you’ll receive the Misfortune mutator, which has the following effect: Increase melee damage by 5% for each unique negative status that the target is suffering from. At level 10, charge melee attacks apply slow for two seconds.

The mutator itself isn’t worthwhile for solo players, especially since you need to apply various status effects on a target just to make the most out of it. You might see more viability if you’re playing co-op, since your teammates have their own mod effects.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about the Card Jester puzzle rewards in Remnant 2. Once you have the items from this event, go ahead and track the Mask Card and enter its door to obtain the quest item. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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