Remnant 2: Best Armor Combo for Each Weight Class

Here are the best armor combos for each weight class in Remnant 2, with tips on how to get all the pieces.

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There are four weight classes in Remnant 2, including light, medium, heavy, and ultra-heavy. Our guide will provide you with the best armor combos for each weight class, including tips on how to find all the individual pieces.

Best Armor Sets for Each Weight Class in Remnant 2

Best Light Armor Combo Set

  • Head: Bandit’s Mask
  • Gloves: Nightstalker Gloves
  • Body: Realmwalker Tunic
  • Legs: Realmwalker Pantaloons
  • Total Defense/Weight: 45.8/22.7

The best headgear for any light set would be the Bandit’s Mask, which protects you from Blight and Toxin damage and weighs almost nothing. You can purchase it from the Whispers merchant after completing the main campaign once.

If you play as a Hunter archetype, you can get the Nightstalker Gloves for free at the start of the game. This piece of gear has the highest Blight resistance of all light and medium gloves in the game. I was also impressed with how well its stats are distributed across all other elemental resistances. If you play Remnant 2 as a different class, then you can buy them from Whispers for 350 Scrap.

The Realmwalker Tunic and the Realmwalker Pantaloons are the best light armor pieces in the game due to their extremely light weight and high defensive stats. They also protect players from all types of elemental damage except Toxin. You’ll be able to get both pieces for free if you start the game in the Explorer class. Otherwise, you’ll need to finish the game first, and then you can buy them from Whispers.

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Best Medium Armor Combo Set

  • Head: Crown of the Red Prince
  • Gloves: Knotted Gloves
  • Body: Field Medic Overcoat
  • Legs: Zealot’s Seaboots
  • Total Defense/Weight: 81.4/39

One of the more unique headpieces in Remnant 2 is the Crown of the Red Prince, which is an individual piece of armor that doesn’t belong to any known set. It has extremely high fire resistance (25) and blight damage resistance (13). This item drops from the Red Prince in Losomn if you manage to kill him with the Assassin’s Dagger.

The most balanced medium gloves in terms of defense power, weight, and stat distribution are the Knotted Gloves. You can craft them at the Bloodmoon Altar using the Blood Moon Essence that drops from Root Wisps during the Blood Moon. But if you start the game as the Summoner class, you’ll get them for free.

The Field Medic Overcoat will mainly protect you from the Bleed damage, more than any other medium chest piece in Remnant 2, but also from the Blight damage. You can start with this gear as a Medic class, or you could purchase it from Whispers for 1,150 Scrap.

There’s a new armor set in the Awakened King DLC, known as the Zealot’s armor set, which has a perfect pair of Zealot’s Seaboots. They provide players with all types of resistance except Toxin, which is a common weakness of this armor set. I was happy to discover it on the dead Ritualist in the Forlorn Coast, or you could get one for free if you start the game as the Ritualist class yourself.

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Best Heavy Armor Combo Set

  • Head: Radiant Visage
  • Gloves: Labyrinth Gauntlets
  • Body: Void Carapace
  • Legs: Bruiser Boots
  • Total Defense/Weight: 134.8/62.5

The Radiant Visage mask may look strange, but it’ll surely protect you from almost all types of elemental damage except Toxin. The owners of the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game will get this headgear automatically, but others will have to complete the campaign if they want to purchase it from Whispers.

If you equip heavy armor, you want it to protect you well from the physical damage. That’s exactly what the Labyrinth Gauntlets do, as well as provide Shock and Fire resistance. You can purchase this piece of gear from Whispers once you unlock the Archon archetype by crafting the Hexahedron engram.

The Void Carapace chest piece provides significant physical protection to its wearer. It doesn’t weigh too much but grants resistance against Shock, Toxin, and Fire types of damage. If you own the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game, then you should get it for free. All other players need to complete the campaign first and then purchase it from Whispers.

If you need extra protection from Fire and Toxin damage, then the Bruiser Boots will fit this line-up the best. Whispers sells them for only 825 Scrap, but if you start the game as the Challenger class, then you’ll get them for free.

Best Ultra Heavy Armor Combo Set

  • Head: Leto Mark I Helmet
  • Gloves: Leto Mark I Gloves
  • Body: Leto Mark I Armor
  • Legs: Leto Mark I Leggings
  • Total Defense/Weight: 180.8/95

There aren’t that many ultra-heavy armor sets in Remnant 2, so the choice is simple, and that would be the full Leto Mark I armor set. What makes it unique is its ability to defend its wearer from all types of damage. It really is a universal armor set that will come in very handy in every ultra-heavy build. You’ll be able to buy it from Whispers at Ward 13 after you complete the main campaign of the game, which is the only way to obtain this armor.

That’s it for our list of the best armor combos for each weight class in Remnant 2. Stay tuned for more R2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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