Top 10 Best Rings in Remnant 2

Watch out for these 10 best rings on our ranked list for Remnant 2, which also includes tips on how to get them all.

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There are 135 rings in Remnant 2, but you can only equip up to four rings at once. These accessories grant lasting effects and buffs that can significantly improve your build and survivability against certain adds, elites, and bosses. Many can be purchased at the various vendors in Ward 13, such as Cass and Reggie, but others appear in the five different game worlds of Yaesha, Losomn, N’Erud, Root Earth, and The Labyrinth. Our guide will list the 10 best rings in Remnant 2 and provide you with tips on how to get them.

Top 10 Best Rings in Remnant 2

Here’s a snapshot of the Top 10 best rings in Remnant 2:

Devoured Loop

There are several skill cooldown rings in the game, but Devoured Loop is arguably unrivaled, putting it at the pinnacle of our list of Top 10 best rings in Remnant 2. It grants you a 1% chance to reset all skill cooldowns after each successful critical hit. But note that this may not happen more frequently than every 10 seconds. I still think it’s an excellent ring for any critical-hit-based build!

  • How to get Devoured Loop:
    1. Complete the main campaign on Apocalypse difficulty.
    2. Purchase the Devoured Loop ring from Reggie at Ward 13 for 500 Scrap.

Burden of the Destroyer

The Burden of the Destroyer is the perfect ring for the Challenger class. It can sacrifice some of its ideal range (-25%) for overall increased damage (+15%). Hunters with the Longshot trait can easily compensate for the loss of their ideal range, but all close-range builds will greatly benefit from this ring.

  • How to get Burden of the Destroyer: Purchase from Cass at Ward 13 for 200 Scrap. Although her inventory rotates every hour or so, you may have the best chance to buy this ring in other players’ lobbies.

Anastasija’s Inspiration

Many Remnant 2 players consider Anastasija’s Inspiration to be the best ring in the game — and for good reason. It grants a Haste bonus for 10 seconds whenever you heal. Basically, Haste increases all stats that have speed action by 7%, including relics, consumables, reload speed, firerate, and speed of movement.

  • How to get Anastasija’s Inspiration: Purchase it from the Whispers at Ward 13 for 3,000 Scrap.

Hardcore Metal Band

Damage reduction is just as important as damage bonuses, especially on harder difficulties. The Hardcore Metal Band can stack up to five Bulwark effects for 10 seconds, which reduces damage by 6% on first stack, 5% on 2nd, 4% on 3rd, 3% on 4th, and 2% on 5th. This means that this ring can reduce up to 20% of incoming damage.

  • How to get Hardcore Metal Band: A random world drop on N’Erud.

Amber Moonstone

This is another damage reduction ring that triggers only if the wearer’s HP drops below 30%. But the overall damage reduction is 25%, which is slightly higher than that of the Hardcore Metal Band. It’s up to you to decide which of these two rings to get, but I recommend equipping both at the same time for an ultimate damage-reduction build.

  • How to get Amber Moonstone: Purchase from Cass at Ward 13 for 500 Scrap.

Bisected Ring

The Bisected Ring falls in the middle of our list of Top 10 best rings in Remnant 2 because, while good, it’s hard to get. It grants you infinite stamina in exchange for a 25% increase in all incoming damage. It’s a fantastic ring to have if you wield a weapon that requires tons of stamina, such as World’s Edge, but you’d also need to have good armor.

  • How to get Bisected Ring: It can be found during the Labyrinth Backrooms Event when going after the Archon Archetype.

Stone of Continuance

Skill duration is as important as stamina in Remnant 2. If you want your skills to last 25% longer, then equip this ring (which has no penalties whatsoever). It works for all class skills except for the Engineer’s Turret and Overclock trait.

  • How to get Stone of Continuance: A random drop at Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud.

Hardened Coil

I find this ring a bit more balanced than both the Amber Moonstone and Hardcore Metal Band. It reduces 3% of incoming damage for each 10% of lost HP. This effect can be stacked up to five times for a total of 15% damage reduction.

  • How to get Hardened Coil: A random drop on one of the following locations in Yaesha:
    • Forgotten Field.
    • Imperial Gardens.
    • Nameless Nest.

Stone Of Malevolence

All elemental damage builds should embrace the Stone Of Malevolence ring, which grants a 15% bonus to Mod Power. Note that this ring works only with the following types of elemental damage: Acid, Fire, and Lightning. It also works really well with elemental bullet mods!

  • How to get Stone Of Malevolence: A random world drop in Losomn.

Ring of Crisis

The final entry on our list of Top 10 best rings in Remnant 2 is a defensive accessory — the Ring of Crisis. It grants a protective shield for 25% of max HP whenever your HP drops below 25%. Although this effect lasts for only 10 seconds, it can save your character’s life on harder difficulties.

  • How to get Ring of Crisis: A random drop at the Hatchery in N’Erud.

That’s our Remnant 2 best rings ranked list. There’s a lot more to learn about Gunfire Games’ sequel to From the Ashes, and we’ve got plenty over in our R2 guides hub.

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