Remnant 2: Ford’s Chest Safe Code Solution (MP60-R SMG)

Ford's Chest is one of the first treasures we come across in Remnant 2, and you can open it early in the game!

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Figuring out the Ford’s Chest safe code in Ward 13 is one of the earliest puzzles you come across in Remnant 2. At first, it seems like you might need to head into other worlds and learn more information before you can crack the code to get Ford’s treasure. However, you have everything you need to find the Ford’s Chest safe code solution early in the game.

How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2 for the MP60-R SMG

  • You can open Ford’s Chest after he disappears.
  • The chest can bug out and not open when the code is entered properly.

After Ford disappears, you can open the chest in his room back at Ward 13. Where are the four safe code numbers you need hiding? Well, Remnant 2 goes a bit Resident Evil with this puzzle. If you go into your inventory and inspect the Flashlight, you can tilt it and see the bottom, where you’ll find the code for the chest etched.

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In Ford’s room, enter 0415 and open the chest to get the Cargo Control Key.

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How to Fix Ford’s Chest Not Opening in Remnant 2

It’s possible that Ford’s Chest will glitch and not open even if you enter the correct safe code. I fixed this by leaving Ward 13 and coming back, after which it opened.

The Cargo Control Key can be used at the end of the Scrapyard to unlock a door so you can grab the MP60-R SMG from inside. So now that you know the Ford’s Chest safe code in Remnant 2 to get yourself a new gun, you might also want to view guides like the best starting mods or where the Seeker’s Key is on N’erud.

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