Remnant 2: How to Beat Astropath Boss

Make the Astropath see stars. Here's how to beat this N'erud boss in Remnant 2.

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Wondering how to beat the Astropath boss in Remnant 2? This entity, an amalgamation of various specters that you’ve fought in N’erud, waits in its tower. Finding this enemy can be a little difficult, and when you reach it, things can turn into a bit of a bullet-hell. Our guide discusses its abilities, strats, and rewards.

How to Beat the Astropath in Remnant 2

Astropath Boss Abilities

To beat the Remnant 2 Astropath boss, you need to be mindful of its energy projectiles and ghostly summons. Your opponent has the following abilities:

  • Energy Orbs — The boss will often cast multiple orbs that home in on your location.
  • Ethereal Wave — When the boss creates a large orb, be wary of the safe spots on the floor as you continue to shoot the object.
  • Ghost Gang — You’ll also have to contend with several specters that will spawn during the fight.
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Astropath Boss Strategy

Due to dynamic campaign progression, your journey might be different. In my case, I fought Astropath in the N’erud: Astropath’s Respite dungeon. It’s part of the zone’s main quest, where I had to look for the three Seeker’s Keys.

To reach Astropath, head to the top of the Astropath’s Respite, where you’ll see a giant chamber with a holomap. Ride the elevator to the upper floor, whereu you’ll come across a stasis pod. If you interact with it, your character will be lowered back down to the holomap room, where the battle will commence.

The goal here is to be on the lookout for the Astropath’s projectiles. I made sure to watch out for Energy Orbs thrown my way, as they dealt medium damage. Moreover, the Ethereal Wave, which occurs when the room turns dark, is something you need to beware of. Lastly, once more specters appear, the idea is to focus your fire on these mobs, since they can dish out multiple attacks.

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Reward: Seeker Residue and Helix mod

The reward for beating Astropath in Remnant 2 is the Seeker Residue material. It can be exchanged for the Helix mod, which shoots a helix of missiles, dealing 120 damage. On contact, it divides into six smaller rockets that track other targets, dealing an additional 30 damage. The Helix mod is quite decent, especially since the missiles can track your enemies. It can be used when you have opponents that move around a lot.

That’s how to beat Astropath in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that N’erud has other deadly foes, such as the Primogenitor. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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