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Remnant 2: How to Get Carnage in C Minor (Play a Secret Song on the Water Harp)

Here's how to play the secret song on the Water Harp in Remnant 2 for the Carnage in C Minor trophy and achievement.

There are plenty of mysteries to uncover and solve in Remnant 2, one of which is the hidden trophy and achievement for Carnage in C Minor. The description says to play a secret song on the Water Harp found in Yaesha. And picking it out isn’t as hard as it might seem. It involves the same number of pins as the original song, but there’s no sheet music to use. Here’s how to get Carnage in C Minor.

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How to Get Carnage in C Minor (Play a Secret Song on the Water Harp) in Remnant 2

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You can only get the Carnage in C Minor trophy and achievement after solving the Water Harp puzzle to unlock the path to the Ravager. Once you have, the nearby flautist NPC will play a new song. Originally, I knew the secret song was the new one being played, but I assumed it required me to pick it out by ear on the instrument in Creative mode. I was half right and pleased to learn it’s not as complicated as I first thought. 

Luckily, getting Carnage in C Minor only requires the same number of pins as the original Water Harp puzzle. They’re just in a different configuration. There’s no tablature for Carnage in C Minor, so here’s how to get it. You only need to activate one pin per row. The solution to play a secret song on the Water Harp from left to right, top to bottom, is 14025030

Symbol 1Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 5

With the pins set, leave the Water Harp and pull the nearby lever. The song will play, reflecting the new tune from the NPC, and the Carnage in C Minor trophy and achievement will pop about halfway through the song. You’ll also get a reward. 

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Carnage in C Minor Reward

After the song plays, and the trophy or achievement pops for Carnage in C Minor, a cylindrical compartment will open in front of the Water Harp, revealing a purple item: The Bolt Driver handgun. It has 26 damage, 7.4 RPS, and a 24-round magazine. It’s a high-accuracy energy weapon with a 3-shot burst, a Critical Hit chance of 10%, and a Weak Spot Damage bonus +105%.

It deals more damage than the submachine gun you get from Ford’s chest (another great early weapon), but it doesn’t provide as much DPS, and the charge firing feels awkward, in my opinion.

That’s how to get Carnage in C Minor in Remnant 2. Now you never have to visit the Water Harp again, unless you want to put on your own concert in Creative Mode. For more, head over to our R2 guides hub, where we have more tips and tricks, including class unlock guides for the Engineer, Explorer, and more.

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