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Remnant 2: Explorer Archetype Class Guide

Find more goodies by unlocking the Explorer class in Remnant 2.

Are you hoping to unlock the Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2? This class has utility effects for your team, including those that aid with movement speed, support buffs, and loot. Our guide discusses the Remnant 2 Explorer class unlock method, skills, perks, and traits.

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Remnant 2 Explorer Archetype Guide

How to Unlock the Explorer Archetype

The Remnant 2 Explorer class can be unlocked by beating the game’s final boss. Once you’ve eliminated your foe, you’ll receive the Broken Compass. You can then talk to Wallace in Ward 13 so you can exchange this item for the class engram.

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Starting Loadout

  • Long Gun: Ford’s Scattergun
  • Handgun: Repeater Pistol
  • Melee: Hero’s Sword

If you unlock the Explorer during your initial playthrough, then it can be selected if you make a new character and skip the tutorial. It starts out with nifty gear pieces, including the Hero’s Sword, which has a charge attack that shoots a crescent-shaped projectile.

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Explorer Unique Trait

Swiftness — Increases movement speed, up to 15% at Level 10. Do note that unique traits gain boosts as you level up the class. At Level 10, it can be selected even if you “unequip” the Explorer and replace it with something else. However, you do need to reallocate trait points or re-equip the Explorer class if you want to have its effects once more.

Explorer Skills


  • Unlock: Available by default.
  • Effect: +20% movement speed and 80% reduced stamina cost for you and your allies; lasts 30 seconds.

Gold Digger

  • Unlock: Available at level 5.
  • Effect: Dig into a ground and spring a fountain that grants a random buff. Fountains last 45 seconds and their buffs last 15 seconds. Here are the boosts that you can receive:
    • +10% increase to all damage dealt.
    • +15% damage reduction.
    • +1.5 HP regeneration per second.

Fortune Hunter

  • Unlock: Available at level 10.
  • Effect: Reveals all special items within 40 meters for you and your allies; lasts 60 seconds.

As you can see, the Remnant 2 Explorer skills are primarily used to support group play with other players, namely when it comes to increasing movement speed, gaining fountain buffs, and finding loot. However, because survivability and pure damage tend to be your top priorities, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the most out of the Explorer.

At best, you can use its Fortune Hunter skill to reveal the item needed to unlock the Engineer class, but the whole leveling grind for it feels unnecessary. I would even suggest just plain old exploration and trial and error, as was my experience.

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Explorer Prime Perk

Prime Perk: Lucky – Grants a chance to spawn additional items and rarer drops when you defeat tougher enemies (i.e., elites).

This perk is mostly for looting and obtaining materials, such as Lumenite Crystals and others that are used for crafting. Moreover, don’t forget that each class’ Prime Perk can only remain active if it’s your main archetype (i.e., the one to the left of the panel when you “equip” a class).

Explorer General Perks

The Remnant 2 Explorer archetype has several perks that are upgraded automatically as you level up. These boosts will remain active whether it’s your main class (i.e., left-hand side of the panel) or secondary class (i.e., right-hand side).

  • Damage Perk: Scavenger – Item pickups increase all damage dealt by 2.5% per stack for 15 seconds; additional stacks increase the duration by up to 60 seconds; maximum of five stacks.
  • Team Perk: Metal Detector – Increases the drop rate chance of ammo, currency, and metals for your party by 10%.
  • Utility Perk: Prospector – Relic Fragments that you obtain drop at a higher quality.
  • Relic Perk: Self Discovery – Using a Relic instantly fills Scavenger perk stacks and prevents stack decay for 15 seconds.

That’s all you need to know about the Explorer archetype class in Remnant 2. It’s unlikely to be your main since it doesn’t offer much in terms of survivability or raw damage, but it might be viable as an alternate class if you need to gather more loot. For best results, you can pair it with the Medic, Handler, or Alchemist. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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