Remnant 2: How to Get Soul Sparks in N’Erud

Here's how to find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2 to continue your campaign through N'Erud.

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Depending on your procedurally generated campaign in Remnant 2, you’ll need to find a very specific item. If you’re wondering how to get Soul Sparks in N’erud, the good news is that these items are always in the same structure and in the same zone. The bad news is that the locations of that structure vary, and it’s not always easy to find with all the zombies, robots, and toxic mist hanging around. This zone can make parts of Root Earth look easy.

How to Get Soul Sparks in Remnant 2

Soul Sparks are required to face N’Erud’s world boss, Tal Ratha, and they can always be found in the Eon Vault. When I arrived in N’erud, I heard a voice telling me to find the items to continue along the campaign path (and so will you; that part’s not RNG). However, it starts a frustrating hunt through the desert-like world where death fog marks the edges of the map, slowing you and making you puke should you run into it. Stay in it too long, and you’ll get Cursed.

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However, a couple of guidelines can make finding the Soul Sparks a little easier.

  • First, Soul Sparks are in the Eon Vault area. While this doesn’t help pinpoint the location, it narrows down your search to one specific section of the world’s overall map. You’ll need to search for it yourself (a colleague spent two hours trying to find it, so it can be intensive).
  • Second, the Soul Sparks are in a pyramidal building that’s submerged mostly in sand, as opposed to the towering structures and spires you’ll see in the area. Look for vertical yellow lights.

Inside the structure, open the door and take the elevator down. At the bottom, go through the airlock and pick up the red item at the end of the path. While there aren’t any enemies on you path to the Soul Sparks, several zombie waves will spawn after you grab them. Be ready to drop healing rifts if you’re running the Medic Archetype or drop a Vulcan Turret if you’re running the Engineer.

Now that you know how to get Soul Sparks in Remnant 2, you can face the world boss. It can be difficult on your own, so be prepared for a nasty fight. For more, head over to our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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