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Remnant 2: How to Get the Dreamcatcher

Acquire the Dreamcatcher, one of the most intriguing weapons in Remnant 2.

The Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2 might be one of the most important in your game. Although its combat use is questionable, it leads you to various secrets. Our guide discusses the Dreamcatcher location, stats, and related secrets.

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How to Get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

To get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2, you need to give the Nightweaver Stone Doll to the Nightweaver’s Web in Losomn: Morrow Sanatorium/Tormented Asylum. There are several steps to complete the whole objective:

  • In Morrow Sanatorium, collect the three Stone-Carved Dolls and bring them to the woman in the cell.
  • Use the Prison Cell Key to open the cell door and obtain the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  • Progress further until you reach the Tormented Asylum.

Where to Find the Three Stone-carved Dolls

The Dreamcatcher unlock is exclusively part of the Nightweaver main quest that starts Losomn: Morrow Parish. Due to dynamic campaign progression, the zone and quest aren’t always guaranteed. As such, you might need to reroll your campaign or try Adventure Mode just to acquire it.

In my case, the Nightweaver quest was the one that I started out with (I guess I was just lucky). In any case, upon arriving in Morrow Sanatorium, you need to look for three Stone-Carved Dolls. I found them in the following locations:

  • Behind a shelf in a room on the ground floor.
  • Off to the side of the shed in the front yard.
  • In a ward on the third floor.
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How to Get the Nightweaver Stone Doll

Along the way, you should also find the Prison Cell Key. Once you have it, go to the basement, where you’ll see a large web. Don’t mind it for now. Instead, go to one of the cells and talk to the woman. Once you give her the three Stone-carved Dolls, she’ll sing and provide the clue to the Morrow Parish safe code.

Next, use the Prison Cell Key to unlock the door. It’s a bit creepy, but there’s no one inside the room. What’s left is the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Dreamcatcher Unlock: Stats and Mod

Continue further until you acquire the Soulkey Tribute, which can come from either the Magister Dullain boss or Red Prince boss. Return to the basement and use it on the large cobweb to get teleported to the Tormented Asylum, a nightmare realm.

Before you battle this zone’s final boss, though, check the nearby cell. Inside, you’ll see the Nightweaver’s Web. You can place various quest items here, one of which is the Nightweaver’s Stone Doll. This nets you the Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher weapon. It has the following features:

  • Damage: 58
  • Critical hit chance: 5%
  • Weak spot modifier: 95%
  • Stagger modifier: 3%
  • Unique mod: Dreamwave – After dealing 250 damage, your charge attack releases a Dreamwave, flowing outwards for 20 meters before returning to the caster. Dreamwave applies slow to all enemies for 10 seconds, and grants a stack of Reverie for each enemy affected. Reverie increases damage and movement speed by 2% per stack, lasting for 15 seconds.
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Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Secrets

The Dreamcatcher won’t really wow you in combat, but it becomes integral if you want to unlock various secrets. Here are some examples:

  • It allows you to get the Crescent Moon, one of the most powerful bows in the game.
  • You can battle the dream version of the Huntress boss to earn an alternate reward.
  • And, yes, it’s even required to unlock the Invader class.

That’s everything you need to know about the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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