Remnant 2: Huntress Guide (Normal and Alternate Method)

Learn about the two ways that you can defeat the Huntress in Remnant 2.

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How do you beat the Remnant 2 Huntress boss? This mounted warrior waits for you in Losomn, and she’ll likely be part of a main quest in the region. Our guide discusses the Huntress boss’ abilities, rewards, and alternate kill method.

How to Beat the Huntress in Remnant 2

Huntress Boss Abilities

To beat the Huntress boss, you need to be mindful of her speedy mount, spear attacks, and raven spirits. Your opponent has the following features:

  • Mounted Warrior — The Huntress sits astride a giant stag (or is it a goat?). This makes her quite mobile as she dashes around the battlefield.
  • Thrusting Spear — The boss’ weapon, a spear, has long reach, so watch out if you’re fighting her in melee.
  • Spirit Spear — When the boss twirls around her spear, which causes an eerie mist, beware of a damaging projectile that will fly your way.
  • Spirit Ravens — She’ll periodically create three raven spirits that fly toward your character.
  • Alternate Kill Method — There’s also a different way to beat the boss, which I detail further in our Remnant 2 Huntress guide.
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Huntress Boss Strategy: Normal Mode

Due to dynamic campaign progression, your journey might be different. In my case, I fought her in the Losomn: Forsaken Quarter location. This was part of the Nightweaver main quest, since I was teleported to this zone after meeting Nimue.

Upon reaching the Forsaken Quarter, I immediately climbed a ladder to reach a wooden platform. When the Huntress appeared, I was able to shoot her from above. I merely had to watch out for the Spirit Spear attack. However, she also ended up running, essentially resetting her aggro and health.

I saw her a couple of streets away, sleeping underneath an arch near a crystal checkpoint. Since I mained the Medic class, and Losomn was the initial zone in my campaign, this was an easy encounter. I simply cast Wellspring to outheal the damage, while blasting her with my machine gun.

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How to Do the Huntress Alternate Kill Method

To do the alternate kill method for the Huntress boss, you need to hit her with the Dreamcatcher while she’s sleeping. This can only mean two things:

  • If it’s your first run and you saw that she’s sleeping, you can proceed to the next area, eventually obtaining the Dreamcatcher weapon. You can then return to the Forsaken Quarter to hit her with it.
  • If you’ve already beaten her before getting the Dreamcatcher, then you need to do an Adventure Mode run. Make sure you start in Losomn: Morrow Parish, so you get the Nightweaver main quest. Continue normally until you see her sleeping underneath the archway.
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Hitting the Huntress with the Dreamcatcher while she’s sleeping nets you the Huntress Dream consumable. Assign it to an item hotkey and use it to get teleported to an area called Briella’s Reverie. She’ll appear from the far end of the street, which means you’ll have time to find another vantage point.

You can use the Handler class, since its dog companion can distract foes or revive you. The Explorer class, meanwhile, has Plainswalker, which grants a movement speed boost. Lastly, there’s the Invader class, with its Void Cloak skill that triggers a perfect dodge and spawns a decoy.

I suggest trying any of the above options so you can find a ladder where the Huntress can’t reach you. Doing so allows you to cheese the battle, since she can’t hit you with her weapon in melee. You only need to heal if you get hit by Spirit Spear.

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Rewards: Huntress Spear or Familiar Mod

There are two possible rewards for beating this fight. If you took her out normally in the physical world, you’ll receive the Venerated Spearhead, which can be used to craft the Huntress Spear. Here are its stats:

  • Damage: 63
  • Crit chance: 6%
  • Weak spot damage: 100%
  • Stagger modifier: -5%
  • Unique mod: Javelin – Charge attacks use 25 stamina to throw the spear, which also returns to the wielder’s hand.

If you beat her in the dream world, you’ll receive the Sacred Hunt Feather, which can be used to craft the Familiar mod. It has the following effects:

  • Summons a Faerie Familiar to aid in combat. It selects a random enemy and slashes them, dealing 25 damage for each attack. The Familiar will look for a new target when the previous one dies, and it lasts for 15 seconds.

That’s it: that’s all you need to know about the Huntress in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that Losomn has other deadly foes, such as the Bloat King and Magister Dullain. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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