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Remnant 2: How to Solve Council Chamber Puzzle and Investigation

Accuse the traitor in Remnant 2's Council Chamber puzzle.

The Remnant 2 Council Chamber puzzle involves an investigation in Losomn. Three magistrates that look like the Witch King from The Lord of the Rings believe that someone has assassinated their monarch. Now, it’s your goal to find out who did it. Here’s how to solve the Council Chamber puzzle and investigation, as well as how you can accuse the real traitor.

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How to Solve the Council Chamber Puzzle and Investigation in Remnant 2

To solve the Council Chamber puzzle and investigation, you need to obtain the Assassin’s Dagger and accuse the traitor who helped kill the One True King. There are multiple steps that you have to undertake:

  • Go to the Council Chamber and offer to aid in their investigation. Take note of the “key” colors.
  • Head to the Council Tribunal and solve the puzzle.
  • Obtain the Assassin’s Dagger and accuse the right person.

Bear in mind that dynamic campaign progression applies. The important part is that you’re in the Losomn region and that the Council Chamber dungeon is among the available destinations. In my case, it was available in my main campaign run that started in Morrow Parish, which was for the Nightweaver boss. I don’t recall seeing the location when I started in the Beatific Palace, which was for the Faerin/Faelin boss, but a colleague confirmed that it’s possible.

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Where to Find the Council Clues and Councilor Keys

The first step to solving the Council Chamber puzzle in Remnant 2 is to look at the colored symbols on each councilor’s pillar. You should have three: blue, red, and purple. These also have ornate symbols that are carved on them.

Next, make your way to the Council Tribunal dungeon, which is just a “dark” version of the area. Upon entering the chamber of the magistrates, you’ll see the same symbols. Pick them up and place them in the same arrangement as you saw in the other room.

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How to Get the Assassin’s Dagger

If you do it right, the large door will open, leading to a foreboding area with a statue sitting on a throne. You can pick up the Assassin’s Seal there, which reduces enemy awareness by 25% and increases all damage dealt to opponents that are not targeting you by 10%.

Moreover, if you check the back of the statue, you’ll see the Assassin’s Dagger quest item. Open your inventory and rotate this. Check the bottom of the Assassin’s Dagger hilt to see a colored symbol. This is the symbol of the traitor, and it will aid you in the next step.

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How to Accuse the Traitor and Obtain Rewards

Now, it’s time to conclude the Council Chamber puzzle in Remnant 2. Return to the three magistrates and tell them that you’re ready to accuse someone. This will show their names, as well as their respective symbols. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you pick the correct traitor based on the symbol in the Assassin’s Dagger hilt, you’ll offer the weapon to them, and they’ll have that magister killed. This action might seem proper. However, this also prevents you from obtaining the Crown of the Red Prince unless you attempt another Adventure Mode run.
  • If you pick the wrong traitor, they’ll realize that you don’t have enough evidence, and you have to fight all three of them at the same time.

In my playthrough, the traitor was Councilor Nyele, but it will likely be different in your run.

Ornate Blade Stats

When I chose this answer, I received the Ornate Blade, which has the following stats (and no unique mod):

  • 52 damage
  • 11% crit chance
  • 105% weak spot damage
  • -5% stagger modifier

What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Traitor?

I also loaded a backup save where I accused the wrong person, which led to me having to fight the entire Council. They mostly acted the same way as Sword Fae elites, which means they teleported and used flaming attacks that caused the Curse debuff. Since I already had the Enigma, I just zapped them with its electrical shocks. This yielded the Fae Protector Signet, a ring that gives +10 HP and stamina, and reduces encumbrance by 5 weight.

In any case, that’s how to solve the Council Chamber puzzle and investigation in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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