Remnant 2: Should You Fight Faelin or Faerin?

Faelin and Faerin are story bosses you can encounter in Remnant 2, but which do you fight? Find out here.

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There are dozens of bosses in Remnant 2, and it is literally impossible to see them all in a single playthrough of the campaign, as every level has multiple, world-spanning questlines. One such questline sees you hunting the Imposter King, an entity split across dimensions named both Faelin and Faerin. You’ll know the guy by his gold and blacksteel armor. And while both of this being’s two selves can serve as a boss fight, once you defeat one of them, you can’t fight the other. So should you fight Faelin or Faerin, and what do you get for doing so? We’ll cover both in this guide.

Should You Fight Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2?

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Before we get started, you might be wondering who these bosses even are or how to find them. The short version is because every world in Remnant 2 is randomly generated, there are multiple questlines and world bosses. If you finished Losomn and didn’t fight this (paired being) boss, you’ll need to either reroll your campaign and make it back to the world or roll an Adventure there.

You’ll know you’ll be fighting Faelin or Faerin if the ornate door is near the starting checkpoint. You can swap between either version of the boss by pulling the lever in front of the door after collecting two masks quest items and placing them in the circular platform.

Faelin and Faerin Differences

Once you can access both the Faerin and Faelin and decide which one you want to fight, you’ll find both are the same mechanically. Neither version is more or less difficult, has more or less health, or adds or subtracts any moves. Instead, the difference is only in the reward they provide, and you’ll want to choose between them depending on the build you’re playing.

If you’re playing solo, I highly recommend defeating Faelin for the Deceit long gun. If you’re playing a tankier build with others, I recommend Faerin for the Godsplitter reward.

Faelin Rewards

You get a Long Gun primary weapon called the Deceit, a lever-action railgun with only six rounds in the magazine but also comes with:

  • 120 Base Attack
  • Fires two projectiles per shot at the cost of a single unit of ammo

The unique mod on the Deceit, called Ouroboros, summons three swords for 30 seconds you can send out at enemies by using a melee attack. Any target marked by a sword takes guaranteed Weakpoint damage. Charging your Melee attack sends out all the swords you have remaining, all at once.

If you return to Nimue following Faelin’s defeat, she gives you a ring called Faerin’s Sigil, which causes all Weak Spots Hits to generate 10% more Mod Power.

Faerin Rewards

By defeating Faerin, you get a melee weapon called the Godsplitter that has a relatively low 38 Attack rating, but has a quick three-hit combo and comes with the unique mod Fracture, which allows charged attacks to mark an enemy to guarantee Weak Spot hits for 2 seconds, with the debuff refreshing with every hit.

Playing in a team with a tankier build that loves to be in the enemy’s face. The Godsplitter may be for you.

Telling Nimue that Faerin is defeated rewards Faelin’s Sigil, which allows melee damage to generate 10% additional Mod power. Combine the Sigitl with the Godsplitter, and there are some frankly nutty things you can do with your build.

And those are the results of your choice between defeating Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2. A fair enough set of rewards for an endgame boss fight — and I think one of the best ones in the game. For more content on Remnant 2, check out our guides on how to get the Sorrow Handgun, the Ornate Flail, and more in our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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