Remnant 2: How to Find Nimue

Nimue, the blue faerie being on the Remnant 2 box art, lives in the game and has some very important things to tell you. Here's where to find her.

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For being the literal cover character on the Remnant 2 box art and most of the title card promotional material, Nimue is pretty well hidden in the actual game. She’s probably one of the most important NPCs, rivaling McCabe as a crafter of some of the rarest items in the game and provider of important intel about her world. Finding her isn’t even that difficult, but if you might not see her at all if you don’t go looking for her. In this guide, I’ll cover how to find Nimue and what you can look out for in your playthrough.

How to Find Nimue in Remnant 2

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  • Nimue is the goddess of the Fae of Losomn, so you’ll first need to reach Losomn to find her.
  • She is able to craft some rare items and gear.
  • Nimue will sometimes be asleep, but getting her to wake up is as simple and leaving and coming back.

You can go there once you complete the Labyrinth section of the game, and it’s accessible at any point through one of the three open portals. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you find yourself in a large, opulent castle called the Beatific Palace.

Where to Find Nimue in the Beatific Palace

The path to Nimue is likely not long after you enter the palace, but because world layouts are randomized, how you reach the way to her will differ from how I found her. That said, I think there are some telltale signs you’ll want to look for. The first landmark you’re looking for is an elevator with a painting at the back.

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For me, the elevator room was about halfway through the first part of the world, on the middle floor. I have no way of knowing how your palace will be laid out. I would expect the elevator leading to Nimue to be somewhere either midway through the gilded section of the palace, as the area around her room is likely standardized so it can fit as an attachment to any randomized layout. As you go down the elevator, look for a hallway halfway down the shaft.

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Follow it, and you should eventually run into a large checkpoint called Nimue’s Retreat. There should only be a single, dark stone pathway leading away from the checkpoint and the main part of the palace, and at the end of the path is a vast chamber with a small jetty in its center and water all around. Head to the jetty’s end and Nimue will rise from the waters.

Nimue stays partly out of the water for the remainder of the story campaign after you find her, though she returns to the depths if you reroll either the campaign or an Adventure. She’s usually awake, but sleeps on occasion, and its during these times that you can use her in the process of getting the Crescent Moon Bow. She’s also a crafts…goddess(?) in charge of making some rare items and gear, as well as directing you toward the imposter king, the world boss for Losomn. With the sheer size and scope of Remnant 2, she probably serves more than just these primary functions.

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