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Remnant 2: Best Campaign Progression Path

Decide on how best to progress in Remnant 2's dynamic story.

Because of the game’s dynamic progression, there’s a chance that your Remnant 2 playthrough will differ from another player’s (and mine). Though you can start in any one of the game’s five worlds, you can reroll your campaign to begin in another one. In that case, you may be wondering about the best campaign progression path to take, knowing which zones and quests are the easiest, and if you need to start anew.

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The Best Campaign Progression Path in Remnant 2

The Remnant 2 best campaign progression path entails the following steps:

  • Choose the Medic as your main class, then switch to the Handler — The Medic makes things a lot easier due to its healing skills, whereas the Handler has a dog companion, as well as the best Prime Perk in the game.
  • Make sure you get the Losomn Morrow Parish/Nightweave main quest first — Your initial main quest will be random. Ideally, though, you want to start in Morrow Parish for the Nightweaver quest, as the zone leads to a smoother run.
  • Open Ford’s Safe and get the MP60-R — The MP60-R is a submachine gun that can make quick work of your foes.
  • Get the Enigma from the Labyrinth — The Enigma is a pretty decent weapon that shoots a constant stream of electricity.
  • Get the Sagestone in Yaesha — The Sagestone is a ring that grants +10% XP.
  • Don’t do the N’erud boss alternate kill method too soon — I’ll tell you why later in this guide.

Choose Your Class: The Medic and Handler Swap

I suggest starting with the Medic to make your playthrough easier. Its Wellspring skill heals you, making it exceptional throughout your run. Likewise, it starts with the Bonesaw machine gun, which rips apart enemies (you won’t even need to spend scrap just to buy it). Then, once you’ve unlocked the dual class/dual archetype feature, I advise you to get the Old Whistle from Mudtooth. This nets you the Handler archetype when exchanged with Wallace.

At that stage of the game, I propose making the Handler your “main” (i.e., left-hand side of the panel), with the Medic as your alt (i.e., right-hand side of the panel). This is because of the Handler’s Prime Perk, which allows your dog companion to revive you if you’re downed. It’s an absolute lifesaver, especially if you’re soloing. You can learn more in our Medic class guide and Handler class guide.

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Your First Main Quest Should be in Losomn: Morrow Parish for the Nightweaver

Your campaign progression can hit a brick wall if you start in tougher biomes like N’erud or Yaesha. In fact, starting in Losomn’s castle environment isn’t ideal either, since there are well-hidden enemies. If you get these locations when you start your run, then it’s better to reroll your campaign.

However, if you start in Losomn — Morrow Parish, I would say that’s your best bet. The enemies there, which are zombie-like villagers, can be easily taken out. They’d even announce themselves whenever they spot you. Simply continue advancing further to eliminate the Nightweaver, the Losomn final boss for this branch of the story.

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Open Ford’s Safe and Get the MP60-R

Don’t forget that Ford’s Safe in Ward 13 can also be opened. You can do so by inspecting the bottom of the Flashlight quest item. From there, use the key to open the cargo room, which has the MP60-R submachine gun. You might also notice a portal visible from the window. That’s a particular secret that we won’t delve into in this particular guide.

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Get the Enigma from the Labyrinth

Upon reaching the Labyrinth, continue until you arrive at the Shifting Portal. One destination leads to the Reprocessed Heart Relic. Another, which looks like nothing but an empty sky, actually causes a bridge to form in mid-air. This leads you to the Cipher Rod material, which can be used to craft the Enigma weapon. This is great to have since its beams cause shock damage, perfect for robots and drones in N’erud.

Proceed until you beat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss. Then, once you have the quest item that opens portals to other biomes, I suggest heading to Yaesha instead of N’erud.

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Get the Sagestone from Yaesha

I prefer Yaesha since the biome has multiple puzzles, such as the one in the Imperial Gardens. Moreover, you can discover a lot of goodies and secrets, such as Meidra’s Gifts. The biome is also where you can find the Sagestone ring, which grants +10% XP. This is ideal to have if you want to level up your classes. In my case, I found it in The Lament dungeon, though the location might be different for you. Likewise, you can unlock the Summoner class while you’re in the area.

Find All Secrets in N’erud Before You Do the Alternate Kill Method for the Sha’hala Boss

One of the main quests that you can have in the N’erud biome involves the Seeker’s Keys. This, eventually, leads you to the Sha’hala Guardian boss. I can confirm that the alternate kill method for this will make most of the zone inaccessible. You can either go for the normal kill method or attempt the alternate kill method only once you’ve discovered all the secrets in N’erud, which includes the Engineer class. Otherwise, your only recourse is to use a backup save or do an Adventure Mode run for anything that you might have missed.

In any case, these are our tips for the best campaign progression in Remnant 2. It starts with choosing ideal classes, followed by picking a viable zone for your initial romp. From there, continue exploring areas and eliminating more foes. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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