Remnant 2: How to Unlock Summoner Archetype

Spawn Root minions as the Summoner class in Remnant 2.

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Do you want to unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner archetype? This particular class is able to summon Root creatures, turning them into minions that can attack your foes. Our guide discusses the Remnant 2 Summoner unlock method, skills, perks, and traits.

Remnant 2 Summoner Archetype Guide

How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype

The Summoner class isn’t available at the start of the game. Instead, you’ll have to reach the Yaesha biome, where you’ll find the Bloodmoon Altar. You’ll then have to collect 15 Blood Moon Essence so you can purchase the Faded Grimoire. Once you have it, return to Wallace in Ward 13 and exchange it for the class engram.

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Starting Loadout

  • Long Gun: Crossbow
  • Handgun: MP60-R
  • Melee: Rebellion Spear

If you unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner class during your initial playthrough, then it can be selected later on if you make a new character. As for its starting loadout, these items were all in my main character’s inventory when I made an alt just to check the Summoner’s gear. It’s also worth noting that the Crossbow is the reward from the Imperial Gardens puzzle.

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Summoner Unique Trait

Regrowth — Increases health regeneration by up to 1.5 HP per second at level 10. Do note that unique traits gain boosts as you level up the class. At level 10, it can be selected even if you “unequip” the Summoner and replace it with something else. However, you do need to reallocate trait points or re-equip the Summoner class if you want to have its effects once more.

Summoner Skills

The Summoner archetype skills in Remnant 2 involve Root minions. Pressing the skill button spawns the creature, which also costs a bit of HP. Holding the skill button, meanwhile, sacrifices the creature, which has damage to your foes, along with other effects, such as reducing the cooldown based on that minion’s remaining health.

Minion: Hollow

  • Unlock: Available by default.
  • Minion Action: Rolls along the ground and deals damage in melee; maximum of two Hollows.
  • Sacrifice Effect: Explodes for 150 damage within five meters.
  • Max HP Cost: 15% HP per minion.

Minion: Flyer

  • Unlock: Available at level 5.
  • Minion Action: A floating creature that shoots purple flame projectiles; maximum of two Flyers.
  • Sacrifice Effect: Deals 50 damage within three meters; creates three homing projectiles that explode for 150 damage each.
  • Max HP Cost: 10% HP per minion.

Minion: Reaver

  • Unlock: Available at level 10.
  • Minion Action: A tanky creature that takes and deals a lot of punishment; maximum of one Reaver.
  • Sacrifice Effect: Deals 200 damage within six meters; creates spore bombs that explode for 200 damage each.
  • Max HP Cost: 35% HP per minion.

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Unfortunately, the Summoner archetype has minions with terrible AI, as though they simply don’t plan on surviving too long. Based on experience, I’ve noticed that they tend to engage hostiles readily, which caused them to take a lot of damage. They need a lot of assistance from you or your teammates if you want them to stick around.

Moreover, creatures will deplete your HP, so you’ll have to spend a Relic charge or rely on a healer. Interacting with a Worldstone will cause them to despawn, so you can’t get free heals and keep them around at the same time. At the very least, I suggest buying the Soul Anchor amulet from the Bloodmoon Altar. It grants +20% damage for 30 seconds after you spawn a minion.

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Summoner Prime Perk

Prime Perk: Ruthless — Dealing damage to a minion causes them to enrage, granting +30% increase damage, attack speed, and movement speed; lasts 20 seconds.

I definitely had to shoot my Root minions a few times just to give them the enrage buff, but I was also careful not to greatly lower their HP. The enrage buff causes them to deal more damage to opponents, so they can take out as many as possible before they’re also killed or sacrificed. Moreover, don’t forget that each class’ Prime Perk can only remain active if it’s your main archetype (i.e., the one to the left of the panel when you “equip” a class).

General Perks

The Remnant 2 Summoner archetype has several perks that are upgraded automatically as you level up. These boosts will remain active whether it’s your main class (i.e., left-hand side of the panel) or secondary class (i.e., right-hand side).

Damage Perk: Dominator

  • Default: +3.5% mod and skill damage while a minion is active; sacrifice increases your ranged and melee damage by +3% for 30 seconds, or until another minion is summoned.
  • Upgraded: Sacrifice also increases your mod and skill crit chance by +5%.

Team Perk: Residue

  • Default: Minions that expire leave a three-meter aura that heals 2.5% HP per second; lasts 10 seconds.
  • Upgraded: The aura left behind also adds +20% healing and lifesteal effects.

Utility Perk: Outrage

  • Default: Sacrifice grants +3% lifesteal for each minion; lasts 10 seconds.
  • Upgraded: Adds +15% movement speed when you sacrifice a minion.

Relic Perk: Incite

  • Default: Using a Relic grants minions +5% max HP per second and +15% damage dealt; lasts 30 seconds.
  • Upgraded: Minions affected by the incite buff gain +15% crit chance.

That’s it: that’s all you need to know about the Summoner archetype class in Remnant 2. Since you need a few extra heals and buffs, you might want to pair it with the Medic, Handler, or Alchemist. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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