From long-range weapons to close-range weapons, choose the best death dealer with the help of this guide to Remnant: From the Ashes weapons.

Remnant: From the Ashes Best Weapons Guide

From long-range weapons to close-range weapons, choose the best death dealer with the help of this guide to Remnant: From the Ashes weapons.

Remnant: From the Ashes is one of the most fun action shooters in the last couple of years. It has everything: cool bosses, great locations, and most notably, some of the best weapons the genre has seen.

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There are three categories of weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes. Most of them are either close-range or long-range firearms, and the rest are melee variants. Some weapons can be really tough to get, but they are worth it for all that sweet damage.

Here are some of the best weapons you can find in the game, with short instructions on how to craft each of them.


Spitfire gun information page in Remnant: From the Ashes

Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Blazing Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

Spitfire is not only a fantastic fully-automatic weapon, but it also has one of the most devastating mods in the game: the Flame Thrower.

When you shoot with the Spitfire, in addition to its bullet damage, it spews flames that deal an additional 150 points of damage.

In order to craft Spitifire, you need to kill Singe, one of the two Earth-world bosses. He will drop a Blazing Heart. Lumenite Crystals can be purchased in Ward 13 from Ace.

Sniper Rifle

Crafting recipe: 
  • This sniper rifle cannot be crafted

Long-range weapons are typically highly valuable in any shooter. In Remnant: From the Ashes, a simple sniper rifle is not only good, but it’s also one of the most effective weapons in the game.

You can only find it inside a church, where you fight the Root Mother boss. The rifle can be found in the basement near some lockers and pallets.

Although this sniper rifle already has a very high damage rating, it can be modded using the Hunter’s Mark weapon mod for even higher critical hit damage.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Undying Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

Ruin is a combination of sniper rifle and assault rifle. It has a very high fire rate, and its accuracy is magnified by its 3x scope.

In addition to physical damage, it deals radiation damage, and its unique Undying weapon mod revives you after death and gives you 33% life back.

To craft Ruin, you need to kill the Undying King boss, who you will encounter in the realm of Rhom. He will drop the Undying Heart after the fight.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Thermal Geode
  • 1x Lumenite Crystal

The Defiler is especially powerful in combination with any sniper rifle. It’s exclusively a close-range weapon, which deals a ton of damage. However, you will need something else to kill enemies at distance.

It is the perfect companion to the Ruin rifle, as it also deals radiation damage with its unique weapon mod, Radioactive Volley.

A Thermal Geode can be obtained by defeating one of the two optional bosses in Rhom, right before you fight Undying King.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Spore Gland
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

Just like Defiler, this weapon is super effective at close range. It also deals the most damage of all weapons in the game.

Sporebloom requires special ammo that deals rot damage and explodes with a gas cloud that keeps dealing damage to all enemies affected by it for seven seconds.

Spore Gland can be acquired after defeating the Ent boss, which is in the Choking Hallow.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Unclean Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

The Devastator is not your typical crossbow: it’s a killing machine that perfectly synergizes with the Bandit set.

It has one of the best weapon mods in the game, which fires a huge spike that deals 125 points of damage and an additional 300% stagger damage that causes the bleeding status effect.

This crossbow can be crafted after defeating the Unclean boss inside the Shack at the Corsus.

Petrified Maul

Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Twisted Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal
  • 650x Scrap

If you want to run a melee weapon, then there is no better choice than the Petrified Maul.

It hits so hard that a single fully charged slam produces an AoE effect that hits enemies with an additional 100% stagger damage.

You can get a Twisted Heart by cutting off the legs of the Ent, the same boss you fight used to get the Sporebloom weapon. 

These were the best weapons in the game, and for more Remnant: From the Ashes guides, check out the list below:

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