This guide tells you where to find all of the baseline weapons in Resident Evil 3, as well as the game's weapon mods and parts.

Resident Evil 3 Weapons and Weapon Mods: All Locations

This guide tells you where to find all of the baseline weapons in Resident Evil 3, as well as the game's weapon mods and parts.
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Two in-game Records, Kendo’s Protege and Kendo’s Armory, require you to find all Resident Evil 3 weapons and weapon mods (parts). There are 10 of each spread throughout the game’s story mode. You also receive the Record Gunsmith the first time you install a weapon mod.

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Of the two, Kendo’s Armory is more or less a gimme. Let’s cover that one first.

Note that this does not contain other weapons you can buy from the shop, such as the Hot Dogger (7,200p), the Samurai Edge (5,600p), the MUP Pistol (8,000p), the Rai-Den (12,000p), the CQBR Assault Rifle (28,400p), or the Rocket Launcher (62,400p). 

Kendo’s Armory: All 10 Baseline Weapon Locations 

You receive credit for four of the 10 baseline weapons necessary for the trophy/achievement automatically. These are the G19 handgun, survival knife, Carlos’ G18 handgun, and the assault rifle. Both the hand grenade and flash grenade count towards your total as well.

M3 Shotgun and Grenade Launcher

The M3 shotgun is found in the subway control room’s front office, in a locker that you need the bolt cutters to open.

The MGL grenade launcher is in the office safe room in the sewer.

If you miss either or both of them, they’re scripted to reappear twice throughout the campaign, once in the dilapidated storage room and again in the underground storage area’s office.

G18 Handgun

The G18 handgun can be found on the counter in the hospital’s lobby after Jill wakes up. Its big advantage over the modded G17 is that it’s capable of burst fire, which can come in handy.

.44 Lightning Hawk

The only really hidden weapon in the RE3 campaign, on Assisted or Standard difficulties, is the .44 Lightning Hawk, this game’s take on the traditional Resident Evil high-caliber hand cannon.

Once you finish Carlos’ run through the hospital and regain control of Jill, don’t run straight into the underground storage area. Instead, go back to the hospital’s second floor. You may have noticed a blockade in the second floor’s hallway with a conspicuously small crawl space in it, but Carlos won’t even try to get through it.

Jill, however, will slide right through it, where you can reach another broken window. Jump through it to find a dead Umbrella mercenary and a briefcase, which contains the Lightning Hawk.

If you’re playing on Nightmare difficulty or above, however, you can just pick the Lightning Hawk up from the UBCS equipment stash in the subway station control room. It’s there to give you a convenient way to deal with “Pale Head” zombies, which regenerate quickly unless you blow their heads off with a high-caliber weapon.

Once you’re fully equipped, it does take a little more work to find all of the base weapons’ extra parts.

Kendo’s Protege: All 10 Weapon Mods (Parts)

When you collect all 10 weapon mods, you unlock the Kendo’s Protege Record. This is worth 600 points for you to spend in the Shop, and makes the in-game model of Robert Kendo available for your collection in the Bonuses menu.

#1: Front Dot Sight (Handgun)

Open the safe in the storage room above the drugstore. The combination (Right 9, Left 3, Right 7) is hinted at in a nearby file and can be found by checking the circled numbers on the Aqua Cure ad on the wall of the drugstore.

#2: Tactical Stock (Shotgun)

Plug at least two gems into the monument in the subway station safe room.

There are a total of three gems, which can be found inside Fancy Boxes; those, in turn, are found in the back room at Moon’s Donuts, the supermarket, and the Toy Uncle store. You’ll need the bolt cutters and lockpick to get the second and third, respectively.

#3: Extended Magazine (Handgun)

Knock Nemesis to his knees when he catches up to you outside the electrical substation. One hand grenade will do the trick. He’ll drop a supply case that contains this mod.

As was the case in the original Resident Evil 2, installing the Extended Magazine mod also magically refills the handgun to its new maximum capacity. You may want to use up the rest of its currently loaded ammo before you switch to the new magazine.

#4: Moderator (Handgun)

After obtaining the Extended Magazine, make your way back to the subway control room and plot a course. When you leave the building, Nemesis will eventually catch back up to you. Incapacitate him again and he’ll drop a second supply case, this one containing a moderator for your handgun.

This makes the handgun big enough that it takes up an additional inventory slot, in exchange for boosting the weapon’s critical rate. 

#5: Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun)

Check the shelves near the door in Kendo’s gun shop.

#6: Scope (Assault Rifle)

As Carlos, take Brad out in the RPD courtyard and take his I.D. card. It can be used to open three strongboxes found throughout the RPD. One of them, found in the west office, contains this mod for Carlos’ rifle.

#7: Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle)

As Carlos, when you reach the second floor of the hospital, use the southwestern broken window to jump down to the courtyard. You’ll end up in an otherwise-inaccessible part of the yard, where you can grab this mod out of a flower pot.

#8: Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)

As Carlos, open the safe in the nurses’ station on the second floor of the hospital. The combination (9 clockwise, 3 counter-clockwise) can be found in the RE: Lost Items file in the hospital’s operating room.

Notably, you can’t get this mod if you’re playing as Jill, even if you have an assault rifle (i.e., the one you get if you’re playing on Assisted difficulty).

#9: Shell Loader (Shotgun)

Check the small alcove behind the lift in the southeastern corner of the warehouse. You’ll find this mod in a briefcase.

#10: Extended Barrel (Magnum)

Look behind the main console in the warehouse control room.

That’s it for our Resident Evil 3 weapons and weapon mods guide. Now you know the locations of each weapon and weapon part, excluding those you have to purchase in the shop. For more on Resident Evil 3, be sure to head over to our guides hub for more walkthroughs and tips. 

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