The Resident Evil 4 remake has 4 difficulties to choose from. Read on to read which is for you.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Best Difficulty Setting to Choose

The Resident Evil 4 remake has 4 difficulties to choose from. Read on to read which is for you.

There are four difficulty settings in the Resident Evil 4 remake but only one is the best to choose. Although this varies from player to player, the difficulties in the RE4 remake change much more than the strength of enemies through the game. Because of this even a choice like choosing difficulty can be one to consider the options.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Difficulty for Your Playstyle Guide

Assisted Difficulty

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This mode is perfect for new-comers to the series, or if you’re just looking to relax and revisit the game.

RE4 in assisted difficulty is basically easy mode. The puzzles are a bit easier, you craft more ammo, and recover some of your health when it’s at critical levels. The enemies hit softer as well which makes this a perfect time to achieve the Never Heard it Coming Achievement.

This also puts on the game’s auto-assist which can be changed anytime from the options menu. As a bonus, some shop items are cheaper too.

Standard Difficulty

This is a great mode for some returning fans that just want to relax and re-experience the game with new twists.

Standard mode in the Resident Evil 4 remake is normal. There’s nothing special here so this is a perfect neutral playthrough of the game. During this classic run of RE4 you can choose to switch to assisted mode whenever you die.

Hardcore Difficulty

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This is definitely an option if you’ve played RE4 before and want an added challenge.

This is Resident Evil 4 remake’s hard more. Contrary to assisted mode, the enemies in hardcore hit harder, and even change similar to the harder difficulties in The Evil Within. You’ll be faced against harder enemies, and salvage less materials.

The puzzles change as well, like the solution for the clock puzzle in chapter 9. On top of all that, you’ll have to spend extra money on some items too.

Professional Difficulty

This is a worthwhile challenge for players that are hunting critical survival horror moments.

Professional mode is only unlocked after beating the game but it’s the definite hardest version. Not only do you have the extra challenges from hardcore mode, but during this playthrough you can’t parry unless it’s a perfect parry.

What is the Best Difficulty of RE4 Remake?

As a returning fan of the series the best difficulty for the Resident Evil 4 remake is hardcore. After playing through both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes, the hardcore mode is just a perfect followup with an extra sprinkle of more survival.

Either way you can still round-house kick tons of enemies and that’s satisfying in any difficulty. If you want more facts on the Resident Evil 4 remake keep checking out our page on GameSkinny.

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