Retreat to Enen: How to Craft and Equip the Snowsuit

Here's what you need to craft the snowsuit in Retreat to Enen and how to make sure you have it equipped to stay warm.

Here's what you need to craft the snowsuit in Retreat to Enen and how to make sure you have it equipped to stay warm.

The Snowsuit is one of the most essential items in Retreat to Enen. Though you won’t need to craft it until you’ve reached the third and final biome, The Great North, there’s no way to find the last three ruins and finish the game without it. Your core temperature will plummet as soon as you reach The Great North, and you’ll freeze to death in no time at all.

Using the Snowsuit, however, can be confusing, causing unnecessary frustration in a survival experience about meditation and calm. The Retreat to Enen guide below will tell you the materials you’ll need to fashion this necessary piece of clothing and how to ensure it’s protecting you from the bitter cold of the final biome. 

Snowsuit Recipe

You’ll be able to craft the Snowsuit after finding the sixth set of ruins and completing the second biome, Valley of the Giants. It’s near the bottom of the Survival category under the Crafting umbrella.

Like all other survival crafting recipes, it requires a specific set of materials: Cured Pelt x4, Gemstone x6, Dead Plant Fiber x6, Northern Lily x 2. If you don’t know how to get Cured Pelt, we’ve got a guide covering that here. Northern Lilies are the white flowers in the Valley of the Giants.  

How to Equip the Snowsuit

Retreat to Enen‘s UI and UX isn’t the most intuitive in regards to the Snowsuit. When you craft the Snowsuit, it’s automatically added to the bottom right cell of your radial tool wheel. Bring that menu up by pressing “R” on PC, RB on an Xbox controller, or R1 on a PlayStation controller. 

With the radial tool wheel open, ensure the human figure in the bottom right cell is darkened. You do not have the snowsuit equipped if:

  • The human figure in the radial menu cell is white.
  • Your core temperature (the yellow thermometer in the bottom right of your HUD) plummets when entering the biome.
  • Your left arm is blue instead of green when pulling up your crafting menu with TAB on PC, the View button on Xbox, or the Touchpad on PlayStation.

The Snowsuit will keep you warm in The Great North and other biomes at night, but it won’t keep you from eventually freezing to death. Your temperature gauge will still deplete very slowly while wearing it. It’s also worth noting that the snowsuit does not warm you up. Your temperature gauge value will not increase by simply putting it on; you must put it on and stand by a fire to increase your core temp. 

But with that, you have all the knowledge you need to make the Snowsuit and use it to find the final three ruins in Retreat to Enen. For more, check out our official guides hub for the game. 

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