Reverse 1999: Best Characters Tier List 

Our Reverse 1999 character tier list will tell you who's the very best and who's more situational. Check it out here.

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Choosing what characters to add to your team can be difficult since there are so many in Bluepoch’s latest game. If you want to know who’s the strongest, look no further, as we’ve crafted our Reverse 1999 best characters tier list to help you pick the best team.

Best Characters Tier List in Reverse 1999

If you’ve checked out our other lists, such as our Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List, I’ll be using a similar tier system. Most of these characters will be six to five star rankings.

  • S Tier is the very best that you can get. 
  • A Tier characters are better than average and a good replacement for S.
  • B Tier is average and can be situational.
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As you’re building your lineup, you’ll want to take the best characters with you into battle. However, even B Tier characters have their uses in certain situations, so you can adjust depending on the fight. Here’s our Reverse 1999 tier list rankings so you know where they fall:

S Tier 

  • Voyager 
  • An-an Lee 
  • Eternity 
  • Bkornblume 
  • Centurion 
  • Charlie
  • Regulus 
  • Medicine Pocket 
  • Balloon Party 

A Tier 

  • Lilya 
  • Tennant 
  • Dikke
  • X – Tier 2
  • Sonetto 
  • Baby Blue 
  • Druvis III 
  • A Knight 

B Tier 

  • Click 
  • Twins Sleep 
  • Necrologist 
  • Erick 
  • Bette 
  • Satsuki 
  • Pavia
  • Eagle 
  • Sotheby 

That’s our Reverse 1999 best characters tier list. We hope that helps you pick which characters to run with. However, it should be noted that since Reverse 1999 is a gacha game, you won’t be guaranteed all of the best S-Tier characters. So just fill them in as best you can. For more tips and guides, such as how to complete the Targeting Exam and where to find the Fish and Chips, check out our growing guides hub

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