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Reverse 1999: How the Wilderness Works

Here's everything you need to know about the Wilderness in Reverse 1999!

Leveling your characters is essential to victory in Reverse 1999, especially in the later levels. Indeed, the game has a lot of resources to collect and spend. If you want one of the best ways to farm resources and materials, you’ll need to know how the Wilderness works.

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How the Wilderness Works in Reverse 1999

What is the Wilderness?

The Wilderness is a side mode in Reverse 1999 that you’ll unlock shortly after progressing through the main story. It acts as a housing system for the many characters you’ll collect through the game’s gacha system. You can add islands and buildings to expand the Wilderness across multiple hex tiles. Doing this will increase your Vigor, which measures the resource output of the Wilderness.

The Wilderness Resources

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You’ll start with two towers that produce Dust and Sharpodonty. The amount that you can get will depend on the level of your Paleohall, the area’s main building. I’ll explain how to level that up below, but just know the higher the level, the more resources you’ll get.

You’ll also passively receive rewards from the Dust Bell Tower and Sharpodonty Market as time passes. Make sure to collect your resources at least once a day

How to Increase Character Bonds in the Wilderness

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One of the other main mechanics of the Wilderness comes from placing your characters in the Wilderness itself. This will help increase your bond with a character, which can make them stronger and unlock exclusive items and side stories. I recommend putting your strongest characters — or the ones that you use the most — in the Wilderness for this reason. You can still use them in your party even if you leave them here. 

This is one the fastest and easiest ways to level up members of your crew since you don’t have to grind out battles constantly. Your bond will increase even when you’re not playing.

How to Level Up Your Paleo Hall

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Depending on the level of your Paleohall, you can have more characters placed at a given time. And as mentioned, you’ll get more resources. To upgrade it, you’ll need Kern Babies, which can only be obtained in the Harvest Prime battle mode.  

That’s how the Wilderness works in Reverse 1999. You want to make sure you level up and expand the Wilderness as much and as fast as you can once it’s unlocked. This will help you get resources and increase your bond with your characters. Looking for more? Check out our dedicated guides hub

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