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Reverse 1999: Is Zima (Зима) Worth Pulling?

Is Zima (Зима) the quiet poet any good in Reverse 1999?

Зима, or Zima as we’ll be going by from now on, is a 4-Star Support character with the plant element in Reverse 1999. He’s a quiet poet and only speaks to animals. How will he fair working with a team? Is Zima (Зима) worth pulling in Reverse 1999

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Reverse 1999: Is Zima (Зима) Any Good?

Zima is a Support character who specializes in buffs and crowd control. However, if you’re looking for any type of damage out of him, you won’t find it here. You’ll want to get his skill Sparrow to Level 2 since it changes from an attack to a Debuff that Silences your opponent. This will make it so enemies can’t attack. 

He’ll also buff your team with Paper, which increases DMG Dealt and heals your allies. While that may seem enticing, you’ll want a dedicated healer, especially when facing stronger opponents. If you want a more aggressive team composition, Zima won’t fit in. That being said, there are better Supports and Healers that can also deal a decent amount of damage that outclass him. 

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Reverse 1999  Zima (Зима) Abilities 

Now, let’s take a look at the specific abilities Zima has. He focuses on buffs and healing with very little to no attack power. 

  • Poem, Island, Breeze (Ultimate) — Mass attack. Deals 250% Mental DMG to all enemies and inflicts [Seal] on the main target for two rounds.
  • Sparrow — [Attack]1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG.
    • Level 2 – [Debuff]1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG and inflicts [Silence]status for one round.
    • Level 3 — [Debuff]1-target attack. Deals 300% Mental DMG and inflicts [Silence]status for two rounds.
  • Paper — [Buff]Mass buff. DMG Dealt +15% and DMG Heal +15% for all allies for two rounds.
    • Level 2 — [Buff]Mass buff. DMG Dealt +20% and DMG Heal +20% for all allies for two rounds.
    • Level 3 — [Buff]Mass buff. DMG Dealt +25% and DMG Heal +25% for all allies for three rounds.

How Does  Zima (Зима) Stack Up? 

So, how does Zima hold up? Not very well. Although he has a cool aesthetic, he falls behind as a good Support and Healer. Although being able to inflict Silence and Seal is a big plus while buffing the whole team, his lack of attacks make him very passive. There are other characters that can do what he does better and have decent attack strength. Having Zima on your team will slow down the flow of battle significantly.

However, if you’re adamant about using him, this is what I recommend. I would pair Zima with the Psychube His Bounden Duty, which will increase his healing abilities. As for other teammates, you want two characters that can deal a lot of damage since he won’t. So any strong Attacker and good Support that can do both like Eternity would be best. 

Zima (Зима) isn’t really worth pulling in Reverse 1999. He’s decent at buffs and healing, but his lack of attack holds him back while other characters outclass him. For more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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