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Risk of Rain Returns: How to do Wavedash With Pilot

Here's how to wavedash with the Pilot in RoR Returns. Learn how to soar and outrun any enemy.

The RoRR community has already found a hidden high-mobility movement tech for the Pilot. It’s called wavedashing, and it can propel the plucky survivor across a level in seconds, making him all the more useful. Here’s how to wavedash with Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How to Wavedash With Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns

To use the wavedash move, you’ll first need to unlock the Aerobatics alternate skill. This can be done by completing the “Race to the Finish!” Providence Trial or collecting 300 items as the Pilot. I unlocked it via the trial since it’s easier, so I recommend going that route. Aerobatics essentially propels you in the direction of your movement input, like if you’re going up or forward.

RoRR Wavedashing: The Exact Steps

However, the trick to wavedashing lies in the fact that you can hold down while using Aerobatics to travel a greater distance when you slide. Here are the exact steps for wavedashing:

  • Jump while holding down, and let go of your side keys.
  • Activate Aerobatics.
  • As soon as you’re about to hit the ground, quickly jump.
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This maneuver propels you forward at great speed, utilizing the momentum from Aerobatics. Pressing forward or back at any point will prematurely stop you in mid-air as you lose momentum. That’s why it’s so important to hold down while jumping and not input side commands while using Aerobatics.

The neat part is that you can then use Aerial Support mid-air to extend your wavedash. Again, don’t press any side keys unless you want to prematurely end your wavedash. Practicing maneuver and adding in items like the Whip can have you soaring across the level in seconds.

I’ve found that you can outrun any enemy, even Vagrant projectiles. If you come into contact with a climbable vine or chain, you’ll automatically start climbing and end your wavedash.

Now you know how to wavedash with Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns. Practice makes perfect so keep trying to wavedash and discover various ways you can use it and maximize momentum. For more guides on the game like the best Acrid build or my best item tier list, check out our RoR Returns guides hub.

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