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How to Unlock Achievement Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns

Let's see how to unlock Achievement abilities in Risk of Rain Returns.

Outside of Providence Trials, there are some survivor alternate abilities locked behind specific character-related achievements. Here’s how to unlock achievement abilities in Risk of Rain Returns that aren’t in the Providence Trials.

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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Achievement Abilities

RoRR mixes the notion of achievement-hunting for abilities from RoR2 and its own Providence Trial system for new abilities. I found unlocking new skills in the Trials to be simple enough, in most cases. Just complete the challenge that the new skill is centered around thereby unlocking it.

However, there are several alternate abilities that can only be unlocked by completing specific achievement tasks during a regular playthrough. Here’s how to unlock all of these special Achievement abilities for each survivor.

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  • Hot-Blooded Vengeance: Kill eight Elder Lemurians without losing your Miner’s Scorching status. I recommend attempting to unlock this ability either in the Temple of the Elders or Contact Light as this is where Elder Lemurians are plentiful.


  • The Hunt: Defeat 3 unique event bosses in one run.


  • Deforestation: Kill 15 enemies at once using the Sawmerang Equipment Item. I completed this against Boarlings spawned by the Toxic Beast boss.
  • Sagitta Aurum: Obtain a golden drone. A golden drone is obtained by merging three instances of the same drone at a combination station twice.


  • Amplified: Acquire a Beam Drone. This drone is acquired by merging three Laser Drones at a drone combination station.


  • Empty Pockets: Beat the third stage without any players collecting items or equipment.
  • Siiick: Kill Providence while backflipping with your utility skill.
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  • Broken Continuity: Kill Acrid as Acrid in less than 15 seconds.


  • Grease Fire: Simultaneously kill 15 oiled enemies using SEAR/FLAMBE.


  • Aerodynamic: Kill 10 enemies without touching the ground or geysers.
  • Big Red Button: Kill 30 enemies after launching them using Pilot’s Airstrike.


Note that you have to be playing as the specific Survivor for whom you’re trying to unlock Achievement abilities.

Some of these are decently simple and will unlock naturally as you play but some require a bit of finesse like the Sniper ones. Either way, we hope you’ve found this guide on how to unlock achievement abilities in Risk of Rain Returns useful. For more guides like beginner tips or beating Providence, check out our RoRR game hub.

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