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How to Unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns

Need more items for your build? Say no more, let's show you how to unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns.

The Drifter is a brand-new survivor in Risk of Rain Returns along with the Pilot and Artificer returning from RoR2. Let’s show you how to unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns.

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They are a melee brawler type of character with one of the most powerful support abilities in the RoR franchise. It’s all about beating down enemies, collecting scrap, and spending it on the Drifter’s more powerful abilities. I’ll show you how to unlock this new survivor along with their default kit.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Drifter

Unlike most survivors that are unlocked passively, the Drifter requires some tinkering with droids. To be exact, to unlock the Drifter you’ll have to recycle six drones in one playthrough. The recycling station is a randomly spawned interactable with a blueish outline that allows you to trade a drone for an item. Do this six times in one run and the Drifter will become available in your next playthrough.

This makes gathering drones whenever you can a priority. I recommend getting the Whip item as the extra movement speed out of combat is helpful for scouting drones and recycle stations. This makes Drifter one of the trickier survivors to unlock as you’ll either rely on luck or manual searching around the level.

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What Are the Drifter’s Abilities

As we mentioned, the Drifter is all about melee combat and gathering scrap from slain enemies. They can then use this scrap to fuel their more powerful abilities. Here’s the Drifter’s default skill line-up:

  • Blunt Force: The Drifter uses their massive backpack to perform a highly damaging three-hit combo that generates Scrap.
  • Suffocate: A melee slam with a small AoE that deals damage and executes enemies below 20% HP converting them to Scrap.
  • Clean Up: Spend Scrap to shoot out a cone of projectiles.
  • Salvage: Spend 75% of your Scrap to spawn four random temporary items that both you and your party can pick up in co-op.

This kit makes the Drifter both an excellent front-line character but also an incredible support as they can provide a steady income of items. I usually save up around 75% Scrap and spawn items right before activating the teleporter. Remember that you can unlock additional alternate abilities for the Drifter in Providence Trials.

Now you know how to unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns. Check out our RoR Returns guides page for more helpful articles like how to unlock the Artifact of Command.

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