A comprehensive beginner's guide to the new mobile hit Risky Road.

Risky Road – Beginner’s Tips to Drive Like a Pro

A comprehensive beginner's guide to the new mobile hit Risky Road.
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Ketchapp has quickly made a name for itself by creating simple-but-insanely-fun-and-addictive games with fun and unique visual aesthetics. Risky Road launched on iOS and Android in late April, and it’s no exception. Driving down a long and lonesome road in your trusty pickup truck, it is your job to drive as far as you can while ensuring that the comically large golden egg riding in the truck bed doesn’t touch the ground and shatter into a billion tiny pieces. The controls are as simple as can be. Simply press your finger to the screen and the truck accelerates. Slow down by lifting your finger off the screen.

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But just because the game is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. The twisting road won’t do you or your egg any favors on your journey, so we’ve prepared this handy guide to prove that this road doesn’t have to be all that risky.

Play It Smooth

Since it’s the only real control you have over your truck in Risky Road, speed control is key in clearing each and every one of the hazards the game throws at you. In general, you really will want all your wheels on the ground at all times to prevent the egg from tipping out of the truck. The best way to do this is to press-and-release during sections without jumps, allowing your momentum to carry you up hills. This way, your truck will not leave the ground, and you can simply coast down the hill. Try not to tap too much, as the rapid speed changes will destabilize the egg.  


Hazards can appear rapidly (and randomly) in Risky Road, and one of the big challenges of the game is that the player doesn’t really have much time to react. If you hesitate, you’re going to end up with scrambled eggs.

So when a hazard appears, make sure to quickly commit to your strategy, whatever it may be. Most of the time, that’ll mean mashing your thumb to the screen and accelerating in order to make a jump, but other hazards may require you to use a bit more finesse. Whatever the hazard may be, react quickly by making a plan and putting it into practice, because nothing’s more frustrating than ending up in the water because you were late on the gas.

Ignore The Coins And Bonus Letters

If you’re purely going for a high score, you really don’t need to concern yourselves with these. The coins and bonus letters are really only used for cosmetic changes to the truck and egg. And since the final score is only based on how many checkpoints you pass, they don’t affect your score at all. Plus, going out of your way for these bonuses can really mess up your strategy for dealing with the hazards the road throws at you. 

That said, don’t let us stop you from hoarding those coins and buying yourself a shiny new paint job. If you want to grind those coins, keep in mind that collecting all 5 bonus letters nets you a bonus of 40 coins, so make sure not to miss those. 

Don’t Give Up! 

Just because the egg isn’t in the truck bed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over yet. Some of the most fun and exciting moments in Risky Road happen when the egg is hanging in the air after a botched jump. The egg will stay intact until it hits the pavement, so try your best to position the truck under the egg to try and pull off an amazing, Odell Beckham Jr.-style catch. Just stay calm during and after the catch. You wouldn’t want to fumble away the opportunity you earned yourself.

Know The Road

Now that you have some general tips on playing the game, let’s get to know the road itself. Hazards abound in Risky Road, and it helps to know what you’re getting into before you start the game for the first time. Here are a few of the risks the road will throw at you, and some recommended strategies for dealing with them.


Risky Road jumps come in a lot of different forms. Most will force you to clear a body of water, or a chasm that will all but guarantee a broken egg if you don’t pick up enough speed. In general, you’re going to want to pick up a lot of speed for these, but don’t overdo it. Certain jumps, like the kick ramps and the broken bridge jumps require a bit more finesse, as taking those with too much speed will cause the car to flip and the egg to break.


Loops don’t show up often, but when they do, they are formidable-looking hazards. Luckily, they’re pretty easily dealt with. Pick up speed on the way up, then lift off the accelerator as you reach the peak of the loop, and coast your way down. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll be on your way. Oh, and don’t be startled by the blue ramp up to the loop. It’ll disappear when you are on your way back down.

Steep Grades

These hazards are some of the trickiest ones in the game, because they often follow hazards that necessitate high speeds. As stated earlier, try your best to take steep hills at a relatively low speed, and allow your truck’s momentum to carry it the rest of the way up the hill. Again, you really want all four wheels on the ground at all times here, because even the slightest bit of air off of the peak of a hill can make for an unfortunate landing. The strategy for steep grades is probably best summarized in Lupe Fiasco’s hit song “Kick, Push“. Just coast.

Timed Hazards

If you see a purple stripe on the road, be on your guard. These frustrating things pop up at intermittent intervals, and if your wheel is under it when it does, you’ll be scraping egg off the road for hours. Take it slow and time your pass right. The nice thing about these hazards is that often, even if you mistime your pass and hit the bar when it’s all the way up, unless you’re really gunning it, the egg shouldn’t be jarred out of the truck bed.

Rope Bridges

Sometimes, you’ll see a chasm bridged by what kind of looks like a dotted line. This is a rope bridge and has physics to match. Don’t linger here, because the undulations of the bridge can make egg care difficult. Either go all out and try to ramp the whole thing, or smoothly and confidently make your way across with a decent amount of speed.

Final Notes

Congratulations! You’re now a fully licensed egg-truck driver who should be ready for anything Risky Road throws at you. The last thing to keep in mind is that often, the difficulty of Risky Road lies in the way obstacles and hazards follow one another and interact. Be on your guard, and always keep an eye on your speed. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a top spot on the leaderboards.

Have you been enjoying Risky Road in the short time since its launch? Feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts, with other tips, or simply to brag about your super high score that we helped you achieve.

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