Combine the best weapons with the right characters in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense using our guns tier list guide.

Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense: Best Weapons Tier List

Combine the best weapons with the right characters in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense using our guns tier list guide.

There are 19 weapons in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense, and each of them can be used with the 10 characters in the game’s roster.

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Our guide will list all the best weapons in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense. You will learn which weapons should be combined with certain characters and why these pairings are so important for this particular game.

Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense: S-Tier Weapons


  • Price: $2,250
  • Type: Shotgun

Every PGTD player knows how challenging it can get when trying to break those unstable matter shields. If you manage to get Ultimatum, and use it on Pro, then you have one of the best shield-breaking combos in the game.

Ultimatum has already very high damage by default, which can be increased even further once you face stronger enemies with high HP rate, including Undead Enforcers.

But Pro is not the only fitting character for this weapon, as Exploiter can increase its rate of fire, making it one of the deadliest guns in the game.

Golden Friend

  • Price: $375
  • Type: Machine Gun

Golden Friend is an exceptional weapon for many reasons: it’s super cheap, it has high damage, good range, and short reload time.

You can even use it with Noob and he will make it work, but it’s better to combine it with somebody like Pro or Kill Stealer.

The Kill Stealer + Golden Friend combo is currently the most popular one in PGTD, especially with the bonus damage and range buffs.

A-Tier Weapons


  • Price: $4,350
  • Type: Sniper Rifle

All sniper rifles are quite powerful in PGTD, but this one has the highest damage of them all at around 2,000 points. It’s also one of the most expensive weapons in the game.

Just like Ultimatum, it also has the ability to break unstable matter shields even from really far away.

If you can afford it, combine it with Pro, as in that case you will have access to the reload time reduction bonus perk.

Electromagnetic Cannon

  • Price: $4,650
  • Type: Cannon

The Electromagnetic Cannon is the most expensive weapon in the game, and it is no surprise that it is also one of the better weapons in PGTD.

One shot out of this cannon can hit a dozen enemies at once with the ongoing chain damage. You might not have the need for such a strong weapon early on, so try to save it for when you need it.

Electromagnetic Cannon can be well combined with Pro for high mid-game DPS, and P2W for late game when it is fully maxed out.

B-Tier Weapons

Brutal Headhunter

  • Price: $3,350
  • Type: Sniper Rifle

This is the second best sniper rifle in the game after Prototype, and it is less expensive.

The main difference between the two is the aiming speed, which is slower in Brutal Headhunter. Prototype doesn’t even need to aim at all, and all its shots go straight to the designated targets.

However, Brutal Headhunter + Hitman combo is considered to be more efficient against a single target and is brutal against bosses.


  • Price: $1,050
  • Type: Rocket Launcher

Armageddon has really high damage, but it takes time before the rockets reach its destination.

However, if you combine Armageddon with Lag Switcher or any other short range character, then you will have no problem with the delay of the damage.

This weapon can perform equally well on all waves, but especially the mid-waves where most of the enemies swarm in big numbers.

Automatic Peacemaker

  • Price: $1,575
  • Type: Mini Gun

Automatic weapons are typically very good in certain hands, but can be a total burden when used in the wrong towers.

This mini gun is versatile enough to help you go through all the waves and finish off all the final bosses, if you were able to upgrade both the character and the weapon to max at that point.

Automatic Peacemaker is capable of getting you through all this, but only in the hands of Pro and Kill Stealer, so don’t expect it to perform too well with the others.

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Those are the best weapons in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.

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