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Robocop Rogue City: How to Change Skins

Today we'll show you how to change skins in Robocop Rogue City.

If you’re a fan of the Robocop movies you may’ve purchased the additional skins from the first or second film but are wondering how to use them. Let’s show you how to change skins in Robocop Rogue City.

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It’s quite an easy process but one that for some reason isn’t available in-game. Note that changing skins is done in the same way no matter which skin pack you purchased. Both are accessible from the options tabs in the main menu.

How to Change Skins in Robocop Rogue City

As we mentioned, you have to go to the main menu to change skins. If you’re in-game, I recommend first checking whether your game has autosaved so you don’t lose progress. It’s a bit tedious that there’s no option for changing skins as you play.

From the main menu, follow these steps:

  • Select “Options”.
  • Navigate to the “Gameplay” tab.
  • Below “Difficulty” you’ll notice “RoboCop Skin” and “Pistol Skin”.
  • Change your skins with these two options depending on which skin pack you have.

Once you’re done, you can back out into the main menu where your skins will be displayed.

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All Skins in Robocop Rogue City

So far there are two skin packs available for purchase: The Vanguard and the Alex Murphy Pack. They contain the following:

  • Vanguard Pack: Includes the blue version of RoboCop’s armor from the second movie and a “Pitch Black” skin for your Auto-9 weapon.
  • Alex Murphy Pack: Includes the “OCP Shotgun” sidearm, the damaged version of the armor from the first movie, and a “Prototype” version of the Auto-9 weapon.

Whichever one you buy, all skins will be available to change at will with the above method. We hope this guide on how to change skins in Robocop Rogue City was useful. For more articles on the game check out our Robocop Rogue City guides page.

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