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Roboquest: Where Is the Chromatic Cell? How to Unlock the Elementalist

Wondering where is the Chromatic Cell? Here's how to unlock the Elementalist in Roboquest with a bonus cheesy tip.

The Elementalist is unlocked with a location-based puzzle similar to the Ranger. That said, it’s slightly a bit more complex and getting the Chromatic Cell might require a few runs to get. So for those wondering where is the Chromatic Cell, here’s how to unlock the Elementalist in Roboquest.

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How to Unlock the Elementalist in Roboquest

The Elementalist is hidden behind a location-based puzzle in Roboquest. More specifically, the secret Chromatic Cell is in the Energy Center area in a room to the left. To unlock this room we’ll need a 6-digit code found after Doom Gardens in the Weather Control room. Once you’re ready to try and unlock the Elementalist in a run, you’ll need the following:

  • 25 Power Cells through your run to access the Doom Gardens door.
  • The Weather Control room key which you can get as soon as you finish the Doom Gardens.
  • I would recommend multiple Elemental Weapons that deal fire, cryo, and electric so that we can get the code more easily.

In a run, after paying 25 Power Cells to access the Doom Gardens and beating them continue through the Aqua Station level. I must point out that you shouldn’t go into Fusion Core during the run as that’ll skip Energy Center which we need to unlock the Elementalist. During Energy Center, you’ll be able to enter the Weather Control room with the key we got and you’ll see the Weather Orb on the right and a 6-digit code in front of you missing two numbers.

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Numbers are grouped in batches of two, corresponding to each element and shooting the Weather Orb with different elements reveals different sets of two numbers for that element. Shoot the orb with either fire, cryo, or electric damage to reveal digit sets and note them down once you have all of them. Two will always be revealed for free and this six-digit combination is unique for each player.

To finish off, on your next run, go to the left room in the Energy Center and input the six-digit code at the terminal in front of the room. The doors will open and inside you’ll find the Chromatic Cell thus unlocking the Elementalist.

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How to Get Chromatic Cell Easily in Roboquest

There’s also an alternative method of unlocking the Elementalist and picking up the Chromatic Cell. The two numbers revealed for free on the six-digit code in the Weather Control room will alternate on each run. This method revolves around sneaking a peak through the window of that room where the numbers are whenever you reach the Energy Center. Just write down the two numbers during each run and eventually you’ll have all six to unlock the Chromatic Cell room and the Elementalist.

Moreover, I wouldn’t recommend trying this, but since the numbers go from one through six you can technically keep trying new combinations until you eventually open the room. It helps if you have two or four numbers already revealed.

Either way, this concludes my guide on how to unlock the Elementalist in Roboquest and find the Chromatic Cell. If you’re interested in more Roguelite articles, check out our top 10 best Roguelites of 2023 where you can also find Roboquest.

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