This Valentine's Day you can snipe players with Cupid's arrows and whack apart crafting resources with your own personal heart axe!

Romance Is in the Air with Fortnite’s Love Ranger and Tat Axe Skins

This Valentine's Day you can snipe players with Cupid's arrows and whack apart crafting resources with your own personal heart axe!
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A slew of regular new skin additions continue to arrive as Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode soldiers on towards full release. As usual, the new options are timely and extremely silly.

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This week we get a very appropriate duo of options: the Love Ranger and Tat Axe, which are part of the Royale Hearts set and released in conjunction with the Fortnite Valentine’s Day events happening in both main game modes.

Fortnite Love Ranger / Tat Axe Skins

Love Ranger is up for grabs for 2,000 V-Bucks, and you can get the heart-shaped Tat Axe for 800. As normal, there’s no speed, health, or damage increase to these particular skins, which are just cosmetic options to set you apart from the pack.

The Love Ranger turns your Battle Royale character into a statue of a winged Cupid ready to bring some love (read: shotgun blasting death) to 99 cannon fodder players who didn’t pick their landing spot properly.

Those pink greaves on the legs and the sash with the gold link are quite stylish as well! On the axe side, I’m digging this Cupid-themed Tat Axe much more than the bizarre Plunja harvesting tool.

Love Ranger and Tat Axe are the Fortnite Valentines Day skins 
Ready to play Battle Royale as your own personal Casanova or Adonis?

Don’t forget that the Crossbow gun has now also been added for the Battle Royale VD festivities and can be found randomly in any chest just like any other randomized weapon type.

The Fortnite crossbow is slow on the fire rate and reload speed but has infinite ammo, so you can keep striking other players with love’s special arrow* in 100-player matches.

*love’s special arrow still just kills people.

Don't forget that Fortnite crossbow damage is still just as deadly this Valentines Day Love is in the air — and arrows, lots and lots of arrows, are in the air!

Ready to try out the Love Ranger Fortnite outfit? We’ll see you in Tilted Towers or Haunted Hills, and can’t wait to see you sporting your new love-themed duds!

For all of you Save The World players who aren’t as crazy about Battle Royale mode, be on the lookout for the special quest “A Love Story, told the Fortnite Way” to arrive with the February 14th patch.

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