Fortnite 2.4.2 Crossbow Guide

Learn everything on Fortnite crossbow gameplay, its stats, and locations in this guide to Fortnite update 2.4.2.

Today marks the release of the Valentine's update 2.4.2 for Fortnite, which introduces a whole set of new skins and a brand-new weapon -- the Crossbow. It's a great alternative to a sniper rifle if you wish to kill your opponents as silently as possible.

Fortnite crossbow damage is no joke; the weapon hits pretty hard, especially if you can manage a headshot. So be sure to get it as soon as possible, and bring your enemies down without them even noticing. For more information on Fortnite crossbow gameplay, its stats, and where to find it, follow the guide below.

Crossbow New Weapon Stats in Fortnite 2.4.2

Crossbow is a Rare/Epic ranged weapon which can be found in treasure chests. The best chance of getting a Crossbow is at the Flush Factory at the house on the hill to the east or any other location that spawns lots of chests. This will greatly increase your chances of finding a new weapon.

The Rare version has 75 damage, while Epic has 79. At first look, the Crossbow damage may not be that big, but if you get a headshot, this number can be significantly higher (in the range of 170-190). The drawback is that the arrow flies even slower than the sniper rifle's bullet, but the good thing is that it is really quiet.

There is also a scope attached to the Crossbow, which is great, but at times you wish it was removable, especially at close range. But there is other good news, such as unlimited ammo.

The number 5 in the Magazine Size box means that it loads five arrows at a time, but you don't really need to look for more ammo in the chests, as the Crossbow will recharge automatically every 2.6 seconds. This alone makes it a really tasty choice even if you consider the sniper rifle to be an overall better weapon.

How to Use Crossbow Effectively

Crossbow is not the type of weapon that anyone can use. But if you practice a bit and get used to the steep curve of the flying arrow, you will soon be able to headshot almost every other player.

As already mentioned, this weapon shouldn't be used at close range -- only mid and long range. This is also a great weapon to have if you're out of ammo on other weapons, so it can really save you in long shootouts.

Apart from the infinite ammo, its biggest advantage is silence. You can literally shoot anyone without getting noticed at all. So make the best out of your bush or base covers to snipe out each and every passerby.

When shooting, you need to consider the arrow drop curve and test it out on different distances. Although the scope is pretty good, it doesn't tell you the distance, so this needs to be practiced. But if you had good experiences with using a sniper rifle, then you should be able to master the Crossbow pretty quickly.

Here's a bit of Fortnite crossbow gameplay footage for you:


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Published Feb. 8th 2018

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