Fortnite Minigun Guide for Patch 2.4.0

Check out all the early info about the upcoming Minigun for Fortnite 2.4.0 update.

The next big update for Fortnite brings the new light machine gun to the roster, which is simply titled the Minigun. You can already see the dedicated announcement window pop up in your game's menu for this great new weapon.

But what does it do, and what can you expect from it? There are a few early reports about the capabilities of the Minigun, so if you want to know what it's all about, then read this quick guide for all the early info.

Fortnite 2.4.0 player with Minigun

The first thing you will notice is the rarity of the Minigun, which is Uncommon, judging by the grey color indicated on the announcement pop-up. Hopefully, Epic Games will provide a few more upgraded versions for Battle Royale as well.

The next thing it says is that it will have big damage. This means that the new weapon will excel in destroying enemy bases but probably won't be as good in taking down single, fast-moving targets.

The bigger magazine part also indicates that the new weapon will be heavy, which will slow down your character, making it much more vulnerable to enemy shots. For the PvE version of the game, this Minigun is great for taking out hordes of monsters, but should it serve just as well in the Battle Royale mode is currently unknown.

All this means that Epic will have to provide a solid balance for this weapon in PvP mode. It may even require an all new type of ammo, but at this point, it's just speculation.


Be sure to leave your own ideas of what to expect from the new Minigun coming in patch 2.4.0 in the comments below. For any of the other latest Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:


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Published Jan. 30th 2018

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