Scarlet Nexus Battle Record B Guide: Where to Find and How to Farm Them

Our Scarlet Nexus Battle Record B guide makes farming the elusive material that much easier.

Our Scarlet Nexus Battle Record B guide makes farming the elusive material that much easier.
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Scarlet Nexus Battle Record B locations are tough to find, and there’s a bit of farming involved. However, it’s worth the trouble when you finally do get them.

Battle Record B and other Record items let you stock up on important consumables without having to spend money. Here’s where to find Battle Record B and how to extract it from the Others.

Scarlet Nexus Battle Record B Locations

Scarlet Nexus library tab showing the Scummy Rummy Others information.

The Others below drop Battle Record B. Unlike other Battle Records and Suppression analysis, these aren’t all that rare. The enemy types are common, but there’s no guarantee they’ll drop what you want. If not, just leave the area and return to fight more again.

  • Scummy Pool (Hirasaka Station Entrance/Exit)
  • Scummy Pendu (Kikuchiba Upper-Level Construction Site)
  • Scummy Rummy (Kikuchiba Mid-Level Shopping District)
  • Kitchen Rummy (Kunad Highway)
  • Buddy Rummy (Mizuhagawa Construction Site)

Some report that Vase Paws drop Battle Record B. They don’t, so don’t waste your time farming Vase Paws if you need Battle Record B. 

How to Get Battle Records from Others

Yuito using Brain Crush on an Other in construction area.

Battle Record B, like other Battle Record items, is a rare material that Others drop in combat. They’ll occasionally drop rare items when defeated normally, but the best way to get Battle Record B and similar rare drops is defeating an Other using Brain Crush.

You can only use Brain Crush when you’ve worn down the enemy’s crush meter. Using Psychokinesis attacks and follow-up attacks is the best way to do that.

Once the crush meter is depleted, you’ll see a button prompt flash over the enemy’s head. Press that to start the Brain Crush sequence, and you should end up with at least a few rare items for your trouble.

How to Exchange Items in Scarlet Nexus

You probably know this already if you’re looking for Battle Record B anyway. If not, here’s how to exchange items for bond gifts, consumables, and more.

In the shop robot menu, navigate to the “Exchange” tab. Then just find what you want and select it as if you were going to purchase it. The description will tell you what items are needed and how many you have of each.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus, but be sure to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips.

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