Sea of Stars: All Correct Answers to Question Pack 2

We've got all the right answers for the second question pack in Sea of Stars.

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Taking on the Quiz Master with question pack 2 in Sea of Stars means your knowledge of Molekin and the various islands you’ve visited has to be in tip top shape. From the history of Stonemason’s Outpost to the ingredients for jam, the questions cast a wide net. For those with less than stellar memory skills, here are all the question pack 2 answers in Sea of Stars.

All Correct Answers to Question Pack 2 in Sea of Stars

Where to Find Question Pack 2

Unlike the first question pack, you need to find the rest of them and bring them to the Quiz Master. By the time you’re able to unlock the shed, you can already have question pack 2 in your possession. To get it, you need to beat Edward Roulette at B.S. Roulette in Brisk. To do this, speak with the man to the north of the roulette house. He’ll tell you what the correct guess to make is for a small fee of 10 gold. Then head in and cast your bet. Winning grants you Question Pack 2.

All Correct Answers to Question Pack 2

  • True or False: The Molekin from Stonemason’s Outpost are descended from a long line of elemental mages.
    • Answer: True
  • What is the name of the enchanted currency that can control the undead?
    • Answer: Coin of Undeath Accord
  • Of these enemies, which one is NOT present in the Moorlands?
    • Answer: Drillbat
  • Of these establishments, which one is NOT found on Sleeper Island?
    • Answer: The First Stage of Grief
  • Yolande, Valtraid, and Keenathan are part of a pirate crew led by whom?
    • Answer: Captain Klee’shae
  • What name did Malkomud give his pet salamander?
    • Answer: Rockie
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  • How many red berries are required to make one portion of Berry Jam?
    • Answer: 5
  • In the Stonemason’s Outpost, the Molekin are taking care of the wind tunnels so that they keep on fulfilling which function?
    • Answer: Play music
  • True or False: Those traveling by yeet ball land on Sleeper Island after being caught by X’tol.
    • Answer: True
  • What is the name of the raft the pirate crew used to sail across the Shallowmire?
    • Answer: The Oakum Skiff

Those are all the question pack 2 answers in Sea of Stars. If you’re stuck on other mini games, such as Wheels, or need help handling a boss, take a look at our growing guide hub.

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