Sea of Stars: All Correct Answers to Question Pack 3

Relive your fight against the Dweller with question pack 3 in Sea of Stars.

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The Quiz Master in Sea of Stars really upped his trivia game with question pack 3. Featuring questions about Wraith Island, the necromancer, and Garl, the answers can be hard to figure out. If you’re looking to get the best look, here are all the question pack 3 answers in Sea of Stars.

All Correct Answers to Question Pack 3 in Sea of Stars

Where to Find Question Pack 3

Question pack 3 can be found in the Haunted Mansion of the Dweller of Woe. In the library there’s a bookshelf directly to the left of where you enter that’s glinting. Interacting with the shelf gives you Question pack 3.

All Correct Answers to Question Pack 3

  • In the Cursed Woods, what is the name of the enemy that had to be destroyed to get rid of the vines?
    • Answer: Boulbe
  • True or Fales: Duke Aventry was resurrected from his ashes by the necromancer Romaya.
    • Answer: True
  • How is the tool allowing one to propel themselves to stakes and climbable surfaces called?
    • Answer: Graplou
  • True or False: The First Stage of Grief was so named because the people of Lucent like to gather in mindful acceptance of their situation.
    • Answer: False
  • When a Gulgul escapes battle, what does it do?
    • Answer: Strike a pose in a puff of smoke
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  • Wraith Island was named after a Dweller appeared in the Haunted Mansion. What is that Dweller’s name?
    • Answer: Dweller of Woe
  • When properly timing Garl’s Nourish, what is the apple replaced by?
    • Answer: Half a sandwich
  • Without any equipment, which of these skills costs Sera’i 9 MP?
    • Answer: Phase Shiv
  • If one were to buy a Scrimshawed Sword, how much gold would they need?
    • Answer: 80
  • What is the name of the sorcerer type enemies that can be found in the Necromancer’s Lair?
    • Answer: Mermofwizqard

Those are all the question pack 3 answers in Sea of Stars. Found in the Haunted Mansion, question pack three digs in deep on Wraith Island history. For more quiz pack answers, how to defeat bosses, or how to fish, check out our guide library, sans ghosts.

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