Sea of Stars: Valere or Zale? Differences Explained

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You’ll immediately be faced with a choice between two Children of the Solstice, Valere and Zale in Sea of Stars. In my experience, choosing between two main protagonists always leaves me wondering if I’m making the right choice in the long run. Here you’ll find our guide on the differences between Valere and Zale.

Should you choose Valere or Zale?

The devs over at Sabotage Studio created a seamless narrative experience when it comes to choosing your party leader. Whether you choose Valere or Zale, it won’t have a major impact on your gameplay, other than who’s leading the charge as you traverse the landscape. The narrative will have the same outcome, and you’ll be able to control both Valere and Zale during combat instances, so it truly comes down to personal preference.

Valere and Zale’s Differences Explained

Valere and Zale are two sides of the celestial coin, the Sun and Moon. While both Celestial warriors bring plenty to the table, knowing their differences will help you maximize your experience with each of them.

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Valere Abilities

Valere is a Lunar Battle Monk who wields a Moonstaff that offers her a basic attack with blunt attack damage. She has two unique skills that utilize her MP to unleash lunar attacks on her foes, Crescent Arc and Moonerang.

Crescent Arc is her least expensive ability, costing 6 MP. The ability does Moon and Blunt damage, smashing enemies in an arc. Even though this ability uses MP, it levels based on her physical attack stats. Crescent Arc is useful for taking out a foe’s blunt damage weakness with more of an impact than her basic attack.

Valere’s Moonerang is by far her most entertaining and unique skillset. The Moonerang costs 7 MP, making it her most costly skill, but it’s worth it. I had a great time learning how to use her Moonerang, because it feels like a mini-game in and of itself.  When you deploy the Moonerang, you’ll see a crescent-shaped boomerang that bounces off of all enemies on the battlefield, and you’ll deflect it back out with a carefully timed response. The Moonerang will pick up speed with each deflection, and increase the overall damage dealt as you progress, offering a crowd-control solution unlike any other.

Eventually, Valere has a defense skill, too, called Lunar Shield that’ll deploy a miniature moon to protect allies for 9 MP. The Lunar Shield can be useful at times, but in general, Valere is best utilized for her Moonerang’s ability to hit multiple opponents at once.

Zale Abilities

Zale is a Solar Bladedancer who wields a Sunblade that offers him a basic attack with sword attack damage. He has two solar attacks that utilizes his MP, the Sunball and Dash Strike.

Sunball is Zale’s strongest initial attack, and costs a hefty 8 MP to use. The Sunball ability is a chargeable solar magic projectile that will launch at your chosen target, splashing nearby targets with ricochet damage. Think of it as a fireball that explodes upon impact.

Zale’s next initial ability is his Healing Light, offering a nice way to restore HP to a single ally from the get-go. Healing Light costs 4 MP, and has a timed bonus if done correctly. When the Healing Light is cast, a swirl will encompass the target, once the swirl reaches it’s peak, hit your action key to boost its effects.

Later in the game, Zale will unlock Dash Strike, an ability that deals damage to all enemies on the battlefield. This can be a great compliment to Valere’s Moonerang, helping you take out numerous foes at once. Dash Strike costs 7 MP, dealing solar and physical damage.

Well, that’s all there is to say about the differences between Valere and Zale in Sea of Stars. No matter who you choose as your party leader, you’re in for an unforgettable RPG journey. We’ve got plenty more for you to discover at our Sea of Stars guides hub that’ll help you along your adventure, like how to get and use Relics.

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