Want some of those sweet Legendary weapon and armor collections? We show you how to pick up all nine sets in Shadow of War!

Shadow Of War: Legendary Gear Sets and How to Obtain Them

Want some of those sweet Legendary weapon and armor collections? We show you how to pick up all nine sets in Shadow of War!
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Pulling some influence from the ARPG genre, long-awaited Middle Earth sequel, Shadow Of War, features some surprising changes to the series’ core gameplay, including legendary gear sets that offer increased bonuses as more items from each set are equipped.

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Two of these sets — the Bright Lord and Vendetta Legendary sets — require you to complete specific tasks, while the others are found piecemeal by defeating Legendary orcs of a corresponding type. Equipping a full set unlocks the Stuff Of Legend achievement.

Unlike normal equipment, though, Legendary items are meant to scale with you as you level up — so they don’t become irrelevant when new gear is found. In other words, always check any given item’s description to see what quest you need to undertake to unlock new abilities. 

Below, we break down each set’s specific weapons and armor, how they are acquired, and what bonuses are accrued by having multiple pieces together at the same time.

Shadow Of War Bright Lord Legendary Gear Set

These are probably the easiest Legendary weapons and armor pieces to acquire, but they can also take the most time because they are spread out across the entire game world.

Each piece of the Bright Lord armor set is found in a region’s barrow, which you can’t access until you find all the Ithiliden poem pieces and open each door. For a full guide on each door’s unlock poem, head over here.

Here’s where you can find the pieces: 

  • Bright Lord Armor — Open the Ithildin Door in Minas Ithil
  • Bright Lord Sword — Open the Ithildin Door in Gorgoroth
  • Bright Lord Dagger — Open the Ithildin Door in Seregost
  • Bright Lord Bow — Open the Ithildin Door in Nurnen
  • Bright Lord Cloak — Open the Ithildin Door in Cirith Ungol
  • Bright Lord Ringcraft- – Earn Bronze on all Shadows of the Past missions

Two Piece Bonus: Gain Wrath 50% faster, but Elven Rage lasts half as long.

Four Piece Bonus: Replenish all Elf-shot when killing an enemy during Elven Rage.

 Bright Lord Armor 

Shadow Of War Dark Legendary Gear Set

As the name suggests, this Legendary set is found by targeting members of the stealthy Dark Tribe of orcs, and its bonuses revolve around poison usage.

  • Dark Armor — Kill a Legendary Dark Tank
  • Dark Sword — Kill a Legendary Dark Slayer or Dark Destroyer
  • Dark Dagger — Kill a Legendary Dark Assassin
  • Dark Bow — Kill a Legendary Dark Marksman or Dark Tracker
  • Dark Cloak — Kill a Legendary Dark Beastmaster or Dark Berserker
  • Dark Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Dark Commander or Dark Trickster

Two Piece Bonus: Gain 1 Might when enemies take damage from your Poison

Four Piece Bonus: All attacks have a 15% chance to inflict an explosive poison on grunts

Shadow Of War Feral Legendary Gear Set

To get this set, be on the lookout for the Feral tribes that assault your fortresses and take out any Legendary orcs you see! The bonuses are frankly amazing for those who like to take beasts into battle, letting you tame Graugs and Drakes from a distance without any first injuring them.

  • Feral Armor — Kill a Legendary Feral Tank
  • Feral Sword — Kill a Legendary Feral Slayer or Feral Destroyer
  • Feral Dagger — Kill a Legendary Feral Assassin or Feral Berserker
  • Feral Bow — Kill a Legendary Feral Marksman or Feral Tracker
  • Feral Cloak — Kill a Legendary Feral Beastmaster
  • Feral Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Feral Commander or Feral Trickster

Two Piece Bonus: Shadow Mount unbroken Graugs

Four Piece Bonus: Shadow Mount unbroken Drakes

Shadow Of War Machine Legendary Gear Set

Take on the tinkering, fire-loving Machine tribe orcs to get these pieces of Legendary gear:

  • Machine Armor — Kill a Legendary Machine Tank or Machine Destroyer
  • Machine Sword — Kill a Legendary Machine Slayer or Machine Berserker
  • Machine Dagger — Kill a Legendary Machine Assassin or Machine Tracker
  • Machine Bow — Kill a Legendary Machine Marksman
  • Machine Cloak — Kill a Legendary Machine Beastmaster or Machine Trickster
  • Machine Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Machine Commander

Two Piece Bonus: Call Followers summons Sappers and Iron Guard summons more Sappers

Four Piece Bonus: Elven Light also scatters explosives around you

Shadow Of War Marauder Legendary Gear Set

Taking out Legendary orcs from the Marauder tribe grants these Legendary items, which revolve around picking up Mirian for bonuses:

  • Marauder Armor — Kill a Legendary Marauder Tank or Marauder Destroyer
  • Marauder Sword — Kill a Legendary Marauder Slayer or Marauder Berserker
  • Marauder Dagger — Kill a Legendary Marauder Assassin or Marauder Tracker
  • Marauder Bow — Kill a Legendary Marauder Marksman
  • Marauder Cloak — Kill a Legendary Marauder Beastmaster or Marauder Trickster
  • Marauder Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Marauder Commander

Two Piece Bonus: Picking up Mirian increases damage by 2% per Mirian gained for 20 seconds

Four Piece Bonus: Picking up Mirian recovers 2 Health per Mirian gained

Shadow Of War Mystic Legendary Gear Set

Killing Legendary orcs from the Mystic tribe results in these gear drops, which help you out by improving your dominating rank and file soldiers:

  • Mystic Armor — Kill a Legendary Mystic Tank or Mystic Destroyer
  • Mystic Sword — Kill a Legendary Mystic Slayer
  • Mystic Dagger — Kill a Legendary Mystic Assassin or Mystic Berserker
  • Mystic Bow — Kill a Legendary Mystic Marksman or Mystic Tracker
  • Mystic Cloak — Kill a Legendary Mystic Beastmaster
  • Mystic Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Mystic Commander or Mystic Trickster

Two Piece Bonus: Dominated grunts take 50% less damage

Four Piece Bonus: Dominated grunts gain Cursed weapons

Shadow Of War Warmonger Legendary Gear Set

Want to cause flaming, terrifying death? This set is for you, with the following Legendary pieces available:

  • Warmonger Armor — Kill a Legendary Warmonger Tank or Warmonger Destroyer
  • Warmonger Sword — Kill a Legendary Warmonger Slayer
  • Warmonger Dagger — Kill a Legendary Warmonger Assassin or Warmonger Tracker
  • Warmonger Bow — Kill a Legendary Warmonger Marksman
  • Warmonger Cloak — Kill a Legendary Warmonger Beastmaster or Warmonger Berserker
  • Warmonger Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Warmonger Commander or Warmonger Trickster

Two Piece Bonus: Recover 50 Health when killing an enemy who is on Fire

Four Piece Bonus: While on Fire, you will periodically explode, releasing a burst of flames

Shadow Of War Terror Legendary Gear Set

To grab these items, make sure to kill Legendary orcs from the Terror tribe and then focus on slaying enemies who are fleeing after brutal strikes:

  • Terror Armor — Kill a Legendary Terror Tank
  • Terror Sword — Kill a Legendary Terror Slayer or Terror Destroyer
  • Terror Dagger — Kill a Legendary Terror Assassin
  • Terror Bow — Kill a Legendary Terror Marksman or Terror Tracker
  • Terror Cloak — Kill a Legendary Terror Beastmaster or Terror Berserker
  • Terror Ringcraft — Kill a Legendary Terror Commander or Terror Trickster

Two Piece Bonus: Quick Throw instantly kills fleeing grunts

Four Piece Bonus: Recover 100 Health when killing a fleeing enemy

Shadow Of War Vendetta Legendary Gear Set

This particular Legendary set is acquired by completing the online Vendetta missions under specific parameters, like getting bow headshots, stealth kills, and so on.

Although there are several different types of kills to get, this one is actually even easier to acquire than the Bright Lord set and can pretty much be done immediately at the start of the game.

The bonuses are interesting, but potentially deadly because they let you trade health for Might or Elf-Shot — even if you don’t currently have any left.

  • Vendetta Armor — Kill an online Vendetta target while above 80% health
  • Vendetta Sword — Complete your first online Vendetta
  • Vendetta Dagger — Use a stealth attack against an online Vendetta target
  • Vendetta Bow — Get a headshot against an online Vendetta target
  • Vendetta Cloak — Use a mounted attack against an online Vendetta target
  • Vendetta Ringcraft — Dominate an online Vendetta target

Two Piece Bonus: Perform attacks requiring Might by consuming 40% of your max Health instead

Four Piece Bonus: If you have no Elf-shot, you can perform Ranged Attacks by consuming 25% of your max Health

 Vendetta Cloak

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