Shadow Of War Guide: Poem Solutions for All Ithildin Doors

Might as well read some poetry and open all those pesky Ithildin Doors while going about your grave robbing to find the Bright Lord armor set!

The various major regions across the Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War map feature a new addition not present in the previous game: locked Ithildin doors that must be opened by unscrambling ancient poetry.

In addition to some new gear, you can even earn some nifty new Shadow Of War trophies for unlocking each door. Each door has the majority of the poem already engraved, but six words will always be missing.

To finish these poems and open each Ithildin door, Talion first has to locate each missing word for the poem -- but that part's easy, as the locations are clearly marked on the map. You can find their locations by accessing the region's Haedir tower, and then door itself will be in the area's barrow.

The hard part is figuring out how to unscramble the poem and place each salvaged word in the correct location to unlock the door, and that's what we cover in detail below.

 Talion finds an Ithilden door poem

Shadow Of War First Poem Door (Minas Ithil) Solution

Solving the first Shadow Of War poem and opening the Minas Ithil door unlocks the Speak Friend And Enter achievement/trophy. The correct order for the Minas Ithil Ithilden door poem is as follows:

  • Shadows
  • Drums
  • Cadence
  • Land
  • Wrath
  • Dooms

The full poem reads:

In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie
We bear our banners aloft, boots like Drums
Our Cadence quick, our countenance dire.
For who in this dark, dream-haunted Land dares
Resist the righteous flame of Wrath
And Doom themselves to despair and death?

 Minas Morgul Poem Puzzle Solution

Shadow Of War Cirith Ungol Ithildin Poem Solution

The correct order for the Cirith Ungol region's Ithilden door poetry is as follows:

  • Rises
  • Fires
  • Night
  • Beacons
  • Marching

The full poem reads:

When the sun Rises, the shadows must retreat
Fleeing in fear from the Fires of dawn
The Night never knew that its end was fleet
As a Bright Lord bears Beacons of flame.
The sun rises, yes — but from the West it Shines
Marching e’er Eastward, e”er eternal, e’er bright.

 Cirith Ungol Poem Puzzle Solution

Shadow Of War Nurnen Ithildin Poem Solution

The correct order for the Nurnen region's Ithilden door poetry is as follows:

  • Iron
  • Serpents
  • Avail
  • Woe
  • Hordes
  • Claim

The full poem reads:

Let our foes fortify with Iron and stone
Let them summon scabrous Serpents, feral beasts
It will Avail them nought. Across the ages none
Have an army that wield such weapons, such Woe
Such doom against the dark-benighted Hordes who dare
Claim dominion over a Mordor soon bright.

 Nurnen Poem Puzzle Solution

Shadow Of War Seregost Ithildin Poem Solution

The correct order for the Seregost region's Ithilden door poetry is as follows:

  • Slumbers
  • Nest
  • Poisoned
  • Trapped
  • Comes
  • Base

The full poem reads:

Fair Mordor Slumbers, entangled in night
A vipers’ Nest of sorrow and strife
Poisoned by pernicious betrayal and blight
Trapped in the grasp of gelid corpse-hands
Yet behold! The Bright Lord Comes as a wildfire
Burning only what is Base, that all else may thrive.

 Seregost Poem Puzzle Solution

Shadow Of War Gorgoroth Ithildin Poem Solution

The correct order for the Gorgoroth region's Ithilden door poetry is as follows:

  • Lurk
  • Bulwark
  • Impervious
  • Powers
  • Vicious
  • Fail

The full poem reads:

They stalk and Lurk, then lash out so furious
Yet our Bulwark is proof against their rage
Our hard-ringed, hand-forged armor Impervious
To predations from the Powers of darkness
No matter how Vicious or how vile
To assail the Bright Lord is to falter and Fail.

 Gorgoroth Poem Puzzle Solution

That's all you need to know to unlock each door and wrap up this grave-robbing, poetry-reading quest line!

New fast travel points are unlocked each time you open up a door, and of course there's a piece of Celebrimbor's various ancient wraith equipment ready to be picked up and worn. After opening all five Ithildin poem doors, you will have the legendary Bright Lord equipment set that replaces your sword, bow, dagger, armor, and cloak with powerful new Bright Lord versions.

 Picking up the last piece of Bright Lord equipment

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