How to Import Your Orc Nemesis to Shadow Of War

Want to bring over your old foe from Shadow Of Mordor? We show you how to get a nemesis and follower imported to Shadow Of War!

You worked hard to get that nemesis in Shadow of War, tracking down and taming a caragor and then lining yourself up for the perfect kill, only to get hit by a hail of spears and then watch the lights go out when that orc captain brings down his giant cleaver.

Vengeance must be yours! Sadly, that was probably two or three years ago, and you haven't picked up Shadow Of Mordor in all that time. Well, now that brutish green nemesis can be back as you grind your way through the orc hordes in Shadow Of War!

Importing Your Shadow Of Mordor Nemesis Guide

Here's the annoying part about this process -- you don't have to do anything in Shadow Of War to import your old orc enemies. Instead, you have to do some things with the first game instead.

That might be a pretty long and frustrating process to just get one new upgraded enemy, especially when there are so many other orcs waiting to be slaughtered by the thousands already.

If, like me, you hadn't played Shadow Of Mordor in quite some time, you probably deleted everything off your hard drive to make room for other games. Well, better get started on re-installing. Even if you had the disc version, there's a big download time ahead -- and then there's the 7.6 gig update to also download that brings in the Nemesis Forge system.

Go make a sandwich or see a movie or something and come back when that's all done.

...or you could forge a new ring of power. Didn't seem to take Talion and Celbrimbor that long!

Now that all of that is out of the way, load up Shadow Of Mordor and and access the new Nemesis Forge feature.

The forge generates a roster of orcs you interacted with most throughout the game, or creates a randomized roster if you didn't have many captains that you specifically dealt with repeatedly.

On the Sauron's Army screen you can see the various orc captains -- your follower will have the white hand icon, and your nemesis will have the flaming eye icon. When you select either orc it will clear say "follower" or "nemesis" next to their name before you switch over to their strength/weakness stats.

Typically your nemesis will be the orc you had the most number of battles against. If you want a different orc for your nemesis, you can increase its chances of being picked by fighting it repeatedly without killing it.

The number of times an orc is targeted through the Sauron's Army screen also seems to impact this mechanic. So if you repeatedly target two different orcs back to back one of them should become your nemesis.

Exit out so it saves and that's it -- your follower and nemesis will be ready to go for the sequel.

 Red eye for nemesis, white hand for follower

Finally, just load Shadow Of War and play. You don't have to pick any options or go to any menu screen -- the game handles all that. It will import your Nemesis Forge data from Shadow Of Mordor without any prompting from you, and your nemesis will appear randomly as you play throughout the game.

There's no set location or time he appears, so be ready for an ultra powered captain (who is probably immune to several forms of combat and regenerates health quickly) to pop up at the worst possible time.

 Nobody ambush me, alright? I'm just trekking to Gondor for some flowers!

Remember though, this nemesis importing system isn't cross-platform compatible. If you had Shadow Of Mordor on Xbox One, you can't import to the PS4 version of Shadow Of War, and so on.

Which nemesis did you import, and what killer new skills and features did he get when imported to Shadow Of War? Let us know all about your orc nemesis in the comments! If you need more help with the game, be sure to check out our other Shadow Of War tips and tricks as well.

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Published Oct. 11th 2017

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