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Should More Romance Options be Included in Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC?

Does Starfield need more love than it already has?

Shattered Space has already been announced as the first DLC to come for Starfield. Not much else is known about it, but there are some things that could be added to further flesh out pieces of the game. One of these is romance, namely the amount of eligible partners. Should there be more romance options included in the Shattered Space DLC for Starfield?

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Should More Romance Options be Included in Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC

When looking at romance in Starfield, there is a distinct lack of dateable companions in the base game. There are only four eligible singles to select from amongst the 20 plus unique companions available in the base game. Each of those are members of Constellation, and while they have ranging backgrounds, they all adhere to the same basic principles.

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Love is more difficult for those who are going down a darker path in their playthrough, such as becoming Aurora dealers, siding with the Crimson Fleet, or dishing out their own version of space justice. The Crimson Fleet is one of the main factions that can be joined in Starfield, yet any pirate actions are met with disdain by your companions.

There’s already a precedence for including new love interests in DLC. Fallout 4 had two expansions that included new partners, while Dawnguard for Skyrim added more, too. That doesn’t even take into consideration that both games had more companions open to romance in their base games than Starfield.

At the very least, more options from varied backgrounds or factions should be included in Shattered Space. This will allow those playing a character with slightly less morals, sketchier business associates, or a bank account stacked from drug dealing to be able to find someone that fits in with that playstyle.

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Even though Starfield isn’t a game focused on romance, it’s included as a simulation of real life. Adventures can involve love, and traveling through multiple universes can certainly get lonely. Whether you’re interested in that aspect of the game or not, adding more depth to it only extends the the amount of time you can replay the game and choose new options. With Todd Howard wanting to focus on the space odyssey for at least another five years, there is plenty of room for a new single companion to be included.

Potential New Lovers

As always, new DLC means new content. While completely new companions as romantic partners are viable, there already are interesting, well thought out NPCs that could be given romance storylines. Here are a few that could be given an affair of the heart.


Delgado is the leader of the Crimson Fleet. His charismatic personality can easily suck you in, and if you side with him, a potential romance makes sense. You saved the fleet. You found the legendary Kryx’s Legacy, when the only one who believed in it was Delgado himself. What better way to reward the faithful than with some sexy smooches?

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Another character who’s romance could be unlocked dependent on your story choices is Imogene. If you decide to keep her alive, a questline could be included upon her return to Ryujin. As one of the main people in the company you interact with, as well as one who doesn’t stomach violence like Ularu, this is a great gray area character to flirt with.

Lin or Heller

More faction options are always a good thing, but sometimes you just want to settle down with someone outside of your responsibilities. Lin or Heller can fill this roll. They know about the Artifact, know about the mining life, and are already companions. Not much else about their history has been revealed, so completely new storylines can be implemented without worry.

Those are just a few potential options when looking at adding more romantic options to Starfield in the Shattered Space DLC. Once more details about the expansion are available, including any new love prospects, we’ll let you know. For quest walkthroughs, how to complete romance quests, or if you should side with the Crimson Fleet, check out our guide hub.

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