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Should You Play Unicorn Overlord on PS5 or Switch?

Between PS5 and Switch, this system might offer a better gameplay experience on your Unicorn Overlord playthrough.

Unicorn Overlord is out now across compatible systems, including PS5 and Switch. No matter your platform, the cost of the game remains the same at just $59.99. This leaves performance and accessibility as the two main deciding factors when it comes to choosing which platform you want to move forward with on your playthrough. So, should you play Unicorn Overlord on PS5 or Switch? Here’s my take.

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Should You Play Unicorn Overlord on PlayStation 5 or Switch?

In terms of hardware and overall performance, let’s face it — it’s tough for Switch to compete with PS5. Sony’s current system boasts a superior GPU, CPU, and memory. Not to mention it offers a crisp image, supporting up to 4K resolution. With that being said, Unicorn Overlord isn’t the most demanding game on the market. So, I’d argue the real question is: Does the PS5 offer improved gameplay and versatility over Switch?

Generally speaking, Nintendo Switch systems aren’t the most capable, but they do offer an extensive library of supported games and portability far beyond any other system on the market (other than maybe the Steam Deck). Thanks to Unicorn Overlord’s lesser demands, the Switch is also perfectly able to offer seamless support and impressively clear visuals. One YouTuber has even posted a PS5 vs. Switch side-by-side comparison to showcase how few graphical differences there are between the two versions of the game.

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Overall, the PS5’s graphics are visibly sharper and brighter, while the Switch offers a more muted color palette. Other than that, the game runs well on both systems. I opted for a Switch copy of Unicorn Overlord myself, and I can vouch for the tactical RPG’s impressive performance. In my experience, though, I haven’t noticed much of a visual difference on my Switch Lite. In fact, I think the art style suits the handheld system well.

The Verdict: Unicorn Overlord Is More Accessible on Switch

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The bottom line? PS5 may be the more powerful system, but Switch users won’t be short-changed on their Unicorn Overlord playthrough. Given that Nintendo’s console is highly accessible and versatile, it looks like the Switch might be the better option for players who own both systems, especially if you tend to travel or commute a lot and want to take the experience on the go. Although, graphics aficionados may prefer the PS5’s more vibrant and crisper image.

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Note: Header and in-text screenshots were captured on Nintendo Switch Lite.

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