Should You Pull for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail?

Silver Wolf is the latest Limited Event Character in Honkai: Star Rail, but should you pull for her for your team?

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Silver Wolf, the latest character in Honkai: Star Rail, is now out in the wild. You can add her powerful debuffs and solid support abilities to your teams. Like any Limited Event Character, she’ll only be available for a short while. Should you, like me, be a free-to-play user or a very light spender on your gacha games, the question of whether to spend your Stellar Jade to add her to your roster is tricky. We’ll answer that question for all users, whether you spend nothing or hundreds and pull for Silver Wolf in HSR.

Silver Wolf Explained in Brief: Path, Talents, and Skills

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Silver Wolf is a single-target debuff character following the path of Nihility, meaning damage isn’t her strong suit (usually). Rather, her primary purpose for almost any player is to help other team members be even more effective while reducing your enemy’s capabilities.

Her Talent lets her Basic Attack reduce an enemy’s Attack, Defense, and Speed stats at random, and over enough rounds can apply all three effects. Her Skill applies an elemental Weakness to match one of the elements on your team, and her Ultimate reduces Defense by a massive amount. Her out-of-battle technique deals solid Quantum damage and removes two bars of Weakness Break, which in most cases will Break the Toughness of every mob on the screen.

Reasons to Pull for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

With all that in mind, here’s why you should spend Jades/IRL money to pull for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Inflicting additional Weaknesses is unique to Silver Wolf. No other character before her can do it.
  • She makes almost any team composition more effective, provided you have a solid DPS option and a good Healer.
  • Even at 0 Eidelons, Silver Wolf is a strong supporting character in my experience. She deals more overall damage than many of the vanilla non-DPS options and adds a lot more value elsewhere.
  • At six Eidelons, her theoretical single-target damage is almost 150,000 higher than Seele‘s.
  • She adds another five-star Quantum damage option with good Weakness Break utility. If you don’t have Seele or Qingque, she can fill that role.
  • Silver Wolf can work alongside other Nihility characters like Welt and Pela to bully bosses and mobs with debuffs, provided you have those characters to work with.
  • You have enough Stellar Jade or money you’re willing to burn for the character — and especially if you built up additional pity pulls from the previous banners.

Reasons Not to Pull for Silver Wolf in HSR

Despite all the advantages she offers, there are some compelling reasons not to pull for Silver Wolf.

  • If she can’t apply her debuffs because of a lower Effect Hit Rate modifier, she becomes immediately inconsequential in a way no other Nihility character is.
  • Silver Wolf isn’t as strong at farming experience, currency, or other activities that require multiple-target damage.
  • Though Quantum is a rarer element, it’s not as immediately desirable as Imaginary, Fire, or Wind.
  • Without investing in her Eidelons (an expensive proposition, I know), she’s relegated to an almost pure support position.
  • Her Weakness application is random. I’ve spent multiple turns trying to apply the one I want and wasted valuable time losing the dice roll.
  • As a Limited Event Character, she can cost upwards of 180 Star Rail Special Passes to acquire. That’s a whopping 28,800 Stellar Jade. For those without a previous stock, pulling her while saving for future characters can be a hard sell.

Those are the main considerations when it comes to whether you should or shouldn’t pull for Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail. Having used her myself for a day or two, I think she’s worth it, but I didn’t need to spend many Jades to get her, and I planned to add her to my team anyway. Ultimately, what you decide to spend or not is up to you. For more coverage on Honkai: Star Rail, check out our guides to all the upcoming characters, how to level characters fast, and more in our HSR guides hub.

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