Skyrim Golden Claw Puzzle: Round Door Solution Guide

Having trouble with the round, rotating door puzzle in Skyrim? Here's how to solve it with the golden claw.

Having trouble with the round, rotating door puzzle in Skyrim? Here's how to solve it with the golden claw.
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To secure the Golden Claw in Skyrim, you’ll need to solve the round door puzzle in Bleak Falls Barrow. It’s just part of The Golden Claw questline, which once completed, fills your pockets with a bit of gold and unlocks Camilla Valerius as a romance and marriage option. 

One particular stage of The Golden Claw quest requires you to solve a round, rotating door puzzle, which has been known to cause players some trouble. In this quick tips guide, we’ll walk you through the solution.

How to Solve the Golden Claw Puzzle in Skyrim

To unlock this round, rotating door, you’ll actually need the Golden Claw itself, which you should have by this stage of the quest. You find the item by killing the man you freed from the webs earlier in the quest, or alternatively, letting him get himself killed before looting his corpse.

On the Claw’s palm, you can find the solution to the round doow puzzle: bear, moth, owl. This can be seen when looking at the Golden Claw in the items menu and rotating it so you can see the symbols. This is the order of symbols that you will need to match on the rotating door.

Approach the round door and position your cursor over the outer ring. Interact with it until the bear rotates to the very top of the door. Now, interact with the middle ring, positioning the moth directly beneath the bear. Finally, rotate the innermost ring, placing the owl beneath the moth.

Now, interact with the round door’s keyhole and place the Golden Claw inside. The door will slowly open downward, revealing a large chamber with one of Skyrim’s many Word Walls, where you can learn the Dragon Shout, “Unrelenting Force”.

In this room, you’ll need to fight a Draugr Overlord, who will drop the secret of Bleak Falls Barrow that this quest requires you to find.

It is only after you find the secret that you can return the Golden Claw to Lucan to finish the quest, making Camilla a marriage prospect and earning yourself some gold from Lucan. With that round, rotating door puzzle out of the way, you’re home-free to do all of the above. If you’re interested in learning more about Skyrim, consider checking out our guides hub!

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