Skyrim: How to Craft & Find Daedric Weapons

Learn how to find and craft Daedric weapons with the help of our guide to Skyrim.

Learn how to find and craft Daedric weapons with the help of our guide to Skyrim.

Daedric weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in Skyrim. Even their unenchanted iterations have the highest base damage of all weapons in the game. These are so powerful that no Dragonborn can ignore them. Our guide will provide you with all the tips on how to craft and find Daedric weapons in Skyrim.

There are eight types of Daedric weapons in Skyrim, including melee weapons, such as a sword and a hammer, as well as ranged weapon, such as bow. You will also need to craft special Daedric arrows to be able to utilize the bow in the most effective way.

How to Craft and Find Daedric Weapons in Skyrim

Daedric Weapons Locations

Daedric weapons become available in the world of Skyrim as soon as you reach Level 47.

The quickest way to get a Daedric weapon is to purchase it from Dremora Merchant, who becomes available after you complete the “Black Book: Untold Legends” quest at Apocrypha plane in the Oblivion.

The prices for each Daedric weapon are following:

  • Daedric Dagger: 500 gold
  • Daedric Sword: 1,250 gold
  • Daedric Battleaxe: 2,750 gold
  • Daedric Bow: 2,500 gold
  • Daedric Greatsword: 2,500 gold
  • Daedric Mace: 1,750 gold
  • Daedric War Axe: 1,500 gold
  • Daedric Warhammer: 4,000 gold
  • Daedric Arrow: 8 gold

You can purchase Daedric Bow from Niranye, a merchant in Windhelm, Eastmarch (indicated by the blue marker on the map above), or from Tonilia, a thief in The Ragged Flagon Cistern, The Rift (indicated by the green marker on the map above).

Other random Daedric weapons can be found inside boss chests, loot from revered and legendary dragons, and even rewards from random quests after Level 47.

Crafting Daedric Weapons

Just like Daedric armor, Daedric weapons can be crafted either through smithing or conjuring.


If you want to craft Daedric weapons using blacksmith’s forge, then you need to reach smithing Level 90 and unlock Daedric Smithing perk.

Here are the crafting recipes for all Daedric weapons:

Ebony Ingot
Daedra Heart
Leather Strips
Daedric Dagger 1 1 1
Daedric Sword 2 1 1
Daedric Battleaxe 5 1 2
Daedric Bow 3 1 1
Daedric Greatsword 5 1 3
Daedric Mace 3 1 1
Daedric War Axe 2 1 2
Daedric Warhammer 5 1 3
Daedric Arrow 1 1 1



If you wish to conjure Daedric weapons in the Atronach Forge, then you need to reach conjuring Level 90.

Use this crafting recipe to conjure a Daedric weapon:

  • 1x Sigil Stone
  • 1x Daedra Heart
  • 1x Ebony Weapon
  • 1x Centurion Dynamo Core
  • 1x Black Soul Gem

Use this crafting recipe to conjure a random Daedric weapon with random enchantment:

  • 1x Sigil Stone
  • 1x Daedra Heart
  • 1x Ebony Ingot
  • 1x Silver Sword
  • 1x Soul Gem

Sigil Stone can be obtained from Phinis Gestor at College of Winterhold once you reach Conjuration Level 90. Go speak to Phinis and you will get a Sigil Stone as a reward for completing “Conjuration Ritual Spell” quest.

Daedra Hearts can be obtained in several ways that are all listed in our guide right here.

Ebony weapons can be crafted at smithing Leve 80 with Ebony Smithing perk. You can also obtain them by slaying Bandit Chiefs and Draugr Deathlords that protect Word Walls. Here are their possible locations:

  • Bloodskal Barrow, Solstheim
  • Lost Valkygg, Hjaalmarch
  • Valthume, The Reach
  • Temple of Miraak, Solstheim
  • Volskygge, Haafingar

Centurion Dynamo Cores can be found inside Dwemer ruins and looted from Dwarven Centurions, and sometimes from Dwarven Spheres and Falmer. Here are their possible locations:

  • Aetherium Forge, The Rift
  • Arkngthamz, The Reach
  • Kagrenzel, Eastmarch
  • Shalidor’s Maze, Labyrinthian
  • Nchardak, Solstheim
  • Mzinchaleft, The Pale

Black Soul Gems can be consistently found inside chests and caves, or dropped by Necromancers, Giants, Hagravens, Forsworn Briarhearts, and Draugrs.

Ebony Ingots can be purchased from merchants and blacksmiths beginning from Level 27 for 150 gold coins. You can also smelt Ebony ingots from Ebony ore, which can be mined at the following locations:

  • Gloombound Mine, Eastmarch
  • Redbelly Mine, The Rift
  • Raven Rock Mine, Solstheim

Silver Sword can be obtained after defeating a member of the Silver Hand faction that usually can be found in Driftshade Refuge, Winterhold and Gallows Rock, Eastmarch. You can also find Silver Sword inside Castle Volkihar, Haafingar.

Regular soul gems can be obtained from mages, magic shops, and court wizards. You can also mine soul gems from the geode veins located in Blackreach, Winterhold.

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