Skyrim: How to Get the Golden Claw

Wondering how to find the Golden Claw in Skyrim? This walkthrough guide tells you everything you need to know.

To find the Golden Claw in Skyrim, you will need to begin the quest of the same name, "The Golden Claw." This miscellaneous item is one of several other similar items in Skyrim, but it is required to win Camilla Valerius over as a marriage prospect. Finding it will also net you a nice gold reward when returned to its rightful owner.

In this walkthrough guide, we'll tell you where to find the Golden Claw in Skyrim.

Golden Claw Quest and Location

The Golden Claw is an item that you will recover part of the way through The Golden Claw quest. To begin the quest, enter Lucan's shop, the Riverwood Trader, in Riverwood and ask him about what went missing. Lucan will tell you about how the claw had been recently stolen from their shop, and that they believe the bandits are hidden in Bleak Falls Barrow.

After talking to them, follow the path given by Camilla up a mountain and to the entrance of Bleak Falls Barrow. You will find some bandits guarding it, but fight your way through the group and head inside.

Advance until you reach a turn-stone puzzle. The solution to this puzzle is given by the carvings on the rock faces on the upper level, the middle of which has collapsed onto the lower floor.

The solution is: snake, snake, whale.

Rotate the three turn-stones so they match those animals from left to right. Then, activate the lever next to the collapsed rock face to open the metal gate. Continue through the temple until you find Arvel the Swift, who is entangled in spider webbing.

Fight off the large frostbite spider, then free Arvel from the web. Immediately slay him, as he will flee with the Golden Claw. If he does manage to evade you, he will be killed either by a Draugr or a trap shortly thereafter, so follow him until he dies and loot his corpse.

Take the Golden Claw and carry out what remains of this quest, using the claw as a key to the rotating door puzzle during the next objective Then return the claw to Lucan. Upon doing so, you will gain the ability to marry Camilla, as well as receive some gold from Lucan. 

The Golden Claw is a key item in one of Skyrim's countless side quests. Though you won't get to keep it for very long, it is incredibly useful for the short time you have it and is certainly worth going out of your way for. If you're interested in learning more about the fantastic RPG that is Skyrim, do consider checking out our guides page for more tips!


Published Nov. 8th 2021

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