Skyrim: How to Cure Poison

Find out how to cure poison once and for all, using our guide to Skyrim.

Find out how to cure poison once and for all, using our guide to Skyrim.

You’ll have to know how to cure poison to make your way through Skyrim without hating life. There are two distinct ways to cure poison in Skyrim, and you’ll probably end up using them both when it comes down to it.

Usually you will purchase or find a potion that cures poison, but you can also use certain alchemy ingredients to cure poison all on their own or simply interact with any of the available shrines in the game to cure all of your diseases.

How to Cure Poison in Skyrim

Potion of Cure Poison

The most obvious solution to curing poison is to consume the potion of Cure Poison.

If you’re playing the vanilla version of Skyrim, then you will not be able to craft potions on your own, and the only ways to obtain them are the following:

  • 1 ~ 11 potions are always available at apothecary merchants, if you have the Merchant perk unlocked
  • Sometimes potions of Cure Poison can be carried by the following NPCs:
    • Elgrim at the City of Riften
    • Nura Snow-Shod at the City of Riften
    • Mjoll the Lioness at the Bee and Barb Inn
    • Members of the Silver Hand at the Gallow’s Rock Fort
    • Members of the Vigilants of Stendarr at the Stendarr’s Beacon

If you’re playing the special edition of Skyrim, then you can craft potions of Cure Poison with the help of the Rare Curios, which can be purchased at the Creation Club. In that case you will be able to use alchemy to cure poison with the help of the following ingredients:

  • Ambrosia
  • Bittergreen Petals
  • Hunger Tongue
  • Imp Gall
  • Redwort Flower
  • Roobrush
  • Scrib Jelly
Alchemy Ingredients

Some alchemy ingredients cure all diseases outright, including poison. They are listed below with all of their possible locations.

Charred Skeever Hide

  • Embershard Mine, Riverwood
  • Sanuarach Mine, Karthwasten
  • Giant Encampments and Campfires
  • Irkngthand (“Blindsighted” quest)
  • Silver Hand members
  • Fort Dunstad

Felsaad Tern Feathers

  • Dropped by Felsaad Tern birds
  • Crescius Caerellius’s house at Solstheim
  • Glover Mallory’s house at Raven Rock
  • Milore Ienth’s alchemy room at Raven Rock
  • Lleril Morvayn, Raven Rock
  • Ash Hopper Jelly, Severin Manor

Hawk Feathers

  • Dropped by Hawk birds
  • Dropped by Falmers and Mages
  • Silver Hand members
  • Bedrooms and Alchemy Laboratory, Homestead
  • Apothecary’s Satchels
  • Torture Room at Alftand

Mudcrab Chitin

  • Dropped by Mudcrabs near water

Vampire Dust

  • Dropped by Vampires
  • Dropped by Bandits and Mages
  • Autumnwatch Tower, The Rift
  • Hall of Attainment, College of Winterhold
  • Drelas’ Cottage, Whiterun
  • Dustman’s Cairn, Whiterun
  • Silver Hand members

Garlic Bread

  • Cooked in the oven using:
    • 1x garlic
    • 1x butter
    • 1x bread
Shrine Blessings

Lastly, you could find one of the 14 types of shrines in Skyrim, receive its blessing, and cure poison or any other disease.

Shrine of Akatosh

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Rorikstead Hill, Rorikstead
  • Twilight Valley, Twilight Sepulcher
  • Steamcrag Hillock, Steamcrag Camp
  • Fort Sungard Shrine, The Reach

Shrine of Arkay

  • Hall of the Dead, Windhelm
  • Solitude Catacombs, Solitude
  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Falkreath Cemetery, Falkreath
  • Winterhold Stormcloak Camp, Winterhold
  • Wayward Pass, Winterhold
  • Bthardamz Upper District, The Reach
  • Windhelm Hills, Windhelm

Shrine of Dibella

  • Temple of Dibella, Markarth
  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Haelga’s Bunkhouse, Riften
  • Lucky Lorenz’s Shack, Eastmarch
  • Morvunskar, Eastmarch
  • Broken Tower Redoubt, The Reach
  • Watching Dawnstar, Winterhold
  • Old Hroldan Inn, The Reach

Shrine of Julianos

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Julianos’ Fallen, Tumble Arch Pass
  • Fellglow Keep, Whiterun
  • Harmugstahl, The Reach
  • Fort Amol, Eastmarch

Shrine of Kynareth

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Temple of Kynareth, Whiterun
  • Crystaldrift Cave, The Rift
  • Wreck of the Brinehammer, The Pale
  • Fort Sungard, The Reach
  • Robber’s Gorge Bluffs, Hjaalmarch
  • Raven Rock Hillside

Shrine of Mara

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Temple of Mara, Riften
  • Nightcaller Temple, The Pale
  • Dead Lovers Camp, The Reach
  • Pale Border, The Pale

Shrine of Stendarr

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • The Two Pillars, Whiterun
  • Stendarr’s Beacon, The Rift
  • Fort Greenwall, The Rift

Shrine of Talos

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Temple of Talos, Windhelm
  • Riften, The Rift
  • Whiterun City, Whiterun
  • Cradlecrush Pond, Eastmarch
  • Watcher of Windhelm, Eastmarch
  • Weynon Stones, The Pale
  • White River Valley, Whiterun
  • Ilinalta Foothills, Falkreath
  • Markrath, The Reach
  • Froki’s Peak, The Rift
  • Sea of Ghosts, Winterhold
  • Ilas-Tei’s Last Stand, Winterhold
  • Winterhold Glaciers, Winterhold
  • Bloated Man’s Grotto, Falkreath

Shrine of Zenithar

  • Temple of the Divines, Solitude
  • Four Skull Lookout, The Reach
  • Ring of Boulders, Whiterun
  • Crumbling Bastion, Whiterun
  • Riften, The Rift

Shrine of Azura

  • Raven Rock Temple, Solstheim

Shrine of Boethiah

  • Raven Rock Temple, Solstheim

Shrine of Mephala

  • Raven Rock Temple, Solstheim

Shrine of Nocturnal

  • The Ragged Flago, The Rift

Shrine of Auriel

  • Darkfall Cave, The Reach
  • Inner Sanctum, Haafingar

That’s everything you need to know on how to cure poison in Skyrim. For more Skyrim tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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