Skyrim Pygmy Sunfish Location: How to Catch It

The Pygmy Sunfish has proven itself to be one of the hardest fish to find in Skyrim. Here are some places to look.

The Pygmy Sunfish has proven itself to be one of the hardest fish to find in Skyrim. Here are some places to look.
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With a brand new creation in the newly-released Anniversary Edition of Skyrimfishing has been added to the already endless list of things to do in this RPG. Of the 24 fish available to catch throughout the game, one that players have been particularly struggling with finding is the Pygmy Sunfish. In this guide, we’ll cover where to find it and how to catch it.

Where to Find the Pygmy Sunfish in Skyrim

A complete understanding of the Pygmy Sunfish spawn behavior has yet to be developed, though there are some tips that have been worked out.

One area that has proven to bring success to fishers is the Ancestor Glade, a large cove in the Jerall Mountains in south Skyrim. There is a chance that you may have to have started Dawnguard questline for them to spawn here, though this hasn’t been confirmed. This cove is likely your best bet.

Another place that the Pygmy Sunfish has been found is Broken Limb Camp, a giant camp located north-northwest of Darkwater Crossing. The fish has been found in the pool, southwest of the bonfire in this camp, but may also spawn in other pools of water in the area. You’re going to want to be careful here, though, as the camp is guarded by a pair of Giants.

Near to this camp, you can also find the Soaking Sulfur Pools Hunter Camp, west of Eldergleam Sanctuary. Here, you can find three hunters bathing in the hot springs, but you may also be able to find the Pygmy Sunfish in those hot springs too. The hunter’s will not become hostile unless you steal from them, so avoid doing that and you shouldn’t have to worry while fishing here.

How to Catch the Pygmy Sunfish

Fishing spots around Skyrim are indicated by small buckets of fishing supplies alongside the pools of water. In order to fish, simply approach the bucket of supplies with your fishing rod equipped and interact with it. You can then cast your line into the water and wait. If you don’t have a fishing rod, you can craft one with an iron ingot and some firewood.

After a second, your rod will start to move a little bit, though you’re going to want to wait until it starts to violently vibrating before you start to reel it in. Press the interact button to catch the fish. If you’re lucky, it’ll be a Pygmy Sunfish. If you can still see water splashing, then there are still fish to be caught in the pool and you can continue.

That’s all you should need to know to catch Pygmy Sunfish in Skyrim, but if you’re interesting in learning more about the game, you can check out our other Skyrim content in our guides hub!

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