Skyrim Skuldafn Puzzle Solution Guide

Stuck on any one of Skuldafn's three puzzles? Here are the solutions.

Stuck on any one of Skuldafn's three puzzles? Here are the solutions.
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Skyrim‘s Nordic temple of Skuldafn is the base of operations for the dragon antagonist, Alduin. It’s only accessible during “The World-Eater’s Eyrie” of the main questline. This particular quest contains three puzzles, including two turn-stone puzzles and a single puzzle door. In this guide, I’ll lay out the Skuldafn puzzle solution.

Skyrim Skuldafn Puzzle Solution Guide

Turn-Stone Puzzle #1

The first turn-stone puzzle contains three total stones that you need to orient properly. With your back to the lit campfire, facing the three turn-stones, you’re going to want to rotate the leftmost stone so that the whale points to the left, and the rightmost stone so that the snake points to the right.

Head around to the opposite side of the three turn-stones, where the lever is. Rotate the middle turnstone so that the hawk is facing you, then pull the lever. Rotate the turnstone again, such that the snake is facing you, then pull the lever once more. Doing this will open both doors.

To clarify, when viewing the stones from the lever’s point of view, they will read “hawk, hawk, hawk” for the first pull, then “hawk, snake, hawk” for the second pull.

This is the solution, as the two outside turnstones need to match the keystones right next to them. Next to the leftmost stone (viewed from the campfire), there is a whale keystone that the whale must face. Same goes for the rightmost stone with the snake.

Having those two oriented correctly will unlock the two doors, each of which is labeled with a keystone. Facing the middle stone’s hawk towards the doors and pulling the lever will open the hawk door, then the snake facing the lever will open the snake door.

Turn-Stone Puzzle #2

From the door you entered in, go up the staircase to the right and into the small alcove. Rotate the turn-stone, such that the hawk is facing out of the alcove. Turn around and walk across the two bridges to the next turn-stone. Rotate it so you can see the whale.

Walk to the center platform and pull the lever. The turn-stone that you see immediately as your entered the room does not need to be re-oriented. Simply pulling this lever now will lower the drawbridge and allow you to advance.

Alternatively, you can skip this puzzle by standing on the edge of the central platform where the lever is, then using Whirlwind. Aim towards either side of the drawbridge, and if done properly, you can bridge the gap without needing to solve anything.

I can confirm the above solution works because the two alcoves have keystones above them, labeling what the turn-stones inside need to be set to. The keystone that corresponds to the turn-stone by the entrance is on the opposite end of the room, under the drawbridge. That stone is already oriented to match the keystone, so it does not need to be changed.

Rotating Door Puzzle

This puzzle is done in the exact same way as the Golden Claw puzzle, though instead of requiring the Golden Claw, it requires the Diamond Claw. Loot the Draugr Overlord you killed in this same room to retrieve it.

Rotate the top ring, such that the fox symbol is at the very top. Rotate the ring beneath that, so that the moth symbol is positioned right beneath the fox. Finally, rotate the bottom most ring so that it shows the dragon.

With the three symbols in the correct order, interact with the keyhole to place the Diamond Claw inside, which will unlock the door and open it for you. You will not lose the Diamond Claw when you do this.

This is the solution, as when you view the Diamond Claw in your inventory, and rotate it such that you can see the inscriptions on the palm, you will find that it reads: fox, moth, dragon. 

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That’s the Skuldafn puzzle solution in Skyrim. Now that you’ve got all those pesky puzzles out of the way, you can carry on with this main quest. If you’re interested in learning even more about Skyrim, do consider checking out some more of our guides at our guides hub!

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